It’s Not Just the Heat, It’s the Money

Having taken my buddy Intimidator’s advice, at least partially, today I went out and sprung for a portable air conditioner.  Tim, as we affectionately call him, had suggested a small window unit, but thinking about the logistics of that uh….intimidated me.  I’m a 117 pound weakling.

As it happened, I found two models, one of which was 9,000 BTUs, the other was 10,000 BTUs, for exactly the same price!  On sale! ($299.00 plus tax, which was $100.00 off.) So did I get the bigger bang for the buck?  Well of course not.  The 9,000 BTU one was lighter (50 pounds).  Even so, it required a lot of dragging and huffing and puffing to get it in the house and out of the stupid box with it’s chastity belt of styrofoam on both ends.  Then came the real fun. 

Reading the directions.  “Put Tab A into Slot B” kind of stuff.  Engineering is not my strong suit.  But miraculously, I got it to work.  In short order it cooled down the area the dogs and the cat and I are all living in to a balmy 81 degrees.  And if you stand right in front of it, you are experiencing Nirvana.  I could tell it made a real difference to the dogs.  To me too, such as being able to remain clothed.  Good thing I don’t have fur. 

Now I can’t resist telling you some of the impressive features it has.  For one, a timer.  You can set it to automatically go on and off anywhere from 1 to 12 hours.  (I think of that as “sleep mode”.)  And it has a remote control.  That just slays me.  I won’t be tempted to use it, because it came without batteries.

So the deal is, now that I bought this gadget, repair of the central AC will have to be on hold.  Like I said, it’s not just the heat, it’s the money.


4 responses to “It’s Not Just the Heat, It’s the Money

  1. In another 6 weeks or so, you won’t need AC.

  2. I’ll send you the batteries for the remote. Double or Triple A? lol

  3. Awww, thanks ee. Triple A 🙂 $4.79 for four Duracells at Publix, or $4.59 for eight of the Publix brand. But save your money. The day I can’t get up and walk two feet to change the settings is the day I’ll need you to spend your five bucks helping to pay the bill for the ambulance 🙂

  4. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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