Sarah and the Polar Bears–Not a Bedtime Story

In January of this year, Sarah Palin wrote a piece for the New York Times, explaining her opposition to listing the polar bear as an endangered species.  She wants us to know that she is as much a fan of polar bears as anyone, and wants them to be protected–that is, if they need it.  But they don’t.  There are more polar bears today than there were 40 years ago, so what’s the problem?  She wants us to know that Alaskans have been taking care of polar bears since Time Immemorial, and no pointy-headed scientists from elsewhere need interfere.  The Science with a capital S just doesn’t support there being a problem with polar bears, at least the science she pays attention to. 

She thinks there should be a balance between the needs of polar bears and the needs of people.  Hello.  Who today doesn’t recognize that as hypocrisy?  She could just go ahead and say, Polar Bears be damned, ’cause they don’t vote, and I’d feel a bit better about her.  But don’t pretend to be an environmentalist, a conservationist, or whatever happy term you’d prefer for yourself. 

Allegedly she agrees that “climate change” (the euphemism for global warming) is a reality, but sees no connection between that and human activity.  There go those pointy-headed scientists and Nobel Peace Prize-winning idiots like Al Gore again. 

The “real” reality is that listing the polar bear as an endangered species will, according to the Associated Press, interfere with “prime oil and gas development in prime polar bear habitat off Alaska’s north and northwestern coasts”.

Another quote:  “Oil and natural gas and the jobs they create are part and parcel of life in Alaska: “If you are not for opening ANWR, in the state of Alaska, you couldn’t get elected dogcatcher,” says former Alaska state Rep. Ray Metcalfe, a Republican-turned-Democrat who supports Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and anticipates Palin’s critics will probably zero in on the oil drilling issue.”

In Palin’s photos yesterday she is sporting some kind of lapel pin, which I took to be a seal.  Maybe it’s a polar bear.  A seal, being the primary food of polar bears, would be more appropriate. 
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One response to “Sarah and the Polar Bears–Not a Bedtime Story

  1. Save the polar bears! We’ve been sending National Geographic polar bear Christmas / holiday cards for over 10 years now….

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