Sick of Sarah

Sometimes I think that if I hear Sarah Palin’s name again, I’ll have to puke.  Oh sorry.  That was a very un-ladylike word.  And I personally have contributed to her over-exposure by posting things myself about her support of aerial wolf- and bear-killing.  Like drilling in ANWR, it seems that failure to support wolf and bear killing from planes is kind of like the kiss of political death in Alaska. 

Never let it be said that Sarah doesn’t get the part about which side her bread is buttered on.  The heck with doing the right thing, let’s appease the trophy hunters, who bring a lot of revenue to Alaska.  Reformer?  Not.  I am almost amused by the hoops the McCain campaign is jumping through to justify her selection.  It seems to me that her selection was due to one of those famous split-second decisions John McCain is famous for, where he goes with his gut feelings.  In case you don’t recognize the name, John McCain is the guy who is running for President against Barack Obama. 

The other thing I find amusing is that Sarah, Sarah, Sarah is being promoted as this regular kind of woman.  A person who is a mother and understands what the ordinary citizen of the U.S. goes through.  Good PR, since John I-don’t-know-many-houses-I-own-I-leave-that-all-up-to-Cindy McCain is out of touch in about a hundred different ways.  Please, someone explain to me how Sarah understands someone from, say, Kansas.

5 responses to “Sick of Sarah

  1. Yes, “puke” is somewhat un-ladylike. May I suggest an oh-so-proper “regurgitate”…lol!

  2. Yes I am sure you are sick of Sarah. It’s a phenomena unlike any I have seen in Presidential politics. I believe the election is now McCains to lose. Of course it was the same with Billary too and she lost. But she didn’t have Sarah.

    I remind you of a prediction re 2012. You may yet see a ticket with 2 females in your life time.

  3. I agree, it’s a phenomenon like no other. It’s tough to watch such an idiot be in this position.

  4. she’s just not an idiot, she;s an idiot in a $2,500 jacket!

  5. lay it on guys, just helps her cause. Keep talking about her.

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