Okay…Now I’m Afraid

A couple of the reasonable conservatives on my hometown newspaper…uh, let me rephrase that.  The only two reasonable conservatives on my hometown newspaper, both solidly pro-McCain, have both said that in the end, it really doesn’t matter who wins.  Not that they don’t passionately care who wins, it’s that the system constrains the winner, who won’t be able to fulfill most, if any, of his promises, and won’t be able to do as much damage as it appears they might in the course of campaigning.  The day after the election, we’ll all go back to living our normal lives, and we’ll mostly get over our disappointment for four years, at least.  I mostly agreed. 

Well you think I would be smarter and have a longer memory than that.  Gore losing in 2000 was indeed something we got over, but look at the costs.  I need not enumerate them.  “Constraint” was not a word in the Bush/Cheney vocabulary, and let’s face it, Congress rolled over and played dead for the last eight years. 

I’m not sure why Congress has such a low approval rating across the country, but I can sure tell you why I have a low opinion of it.  It’s because it abdicated its responsibility to declare war, and let George Bush do it for them.  It created the imperial presidency by default.  Remember that thing about having a system of checks and balances?  The Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial Branches?  Today, the only check on the power of the Presidency is the Supreme Court, and it’s doing a surprisingly good job, considering that King George W. tried to appoint justices who would only follow his agenda.  Meanwhile, Congress, which last I checked is supposed to MAKE LAWS, which presumably apply to the President, is busy trying to find its ass with a map and a flashlight. 

What’s disappointing about that is that Congress, in reality, is the closest we citizens come to actual representation.  Let’s face it.  Our access to to the President and the Supreme Court is nil.  Our access to our Senators and Representatives is minimal, but they’re our best hope.  When they’re asleep at the wheel, we might as well all be clinging to a roof somewhere in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. 

Now, today, Nicholas Kristoff of the New York Times points to the potential consequences of a McCain win and it is enough to scare a pitbull into hiding under the bed.  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/28/opinion/28kristof.html?ref=opinion

But even that was not enough to scare me into politely asking the pitbull to move over and give me some space under the bed.  It took this post on Tallahassee.com by jackster to really, really scare me. 


If I were smarter, I could just post the video, but I’m not.  The second video she includes is one in which McCain, offscreen (at least during my view of the debate), twice says “Horseshit” to what Obama is saying.  Obama was unfailingly polite, warm, and respectful, and in fact was criticized for being too nice.  I myself said, prior to the debate, that I hoped Obama would NOT be too nice, and would make John McCain mad, exposing him for the unsuitable candidate that he is.  Well, it seems he did.  I just didn’t know for sure until today.  Now I feel differently:  I’m glad that Obama, no matter what the provocation, did not stoop to McCain’s level. 

I ask you that if John McCain can’t restrain himself in a mere debate with his rival for the Presidency, whether or not he will be able to restrain himself when he’s across the table from the leader of another country whose name he can’t pronounce.  Oh wait–I forgot.  He wouldn’t be there in the first place.  He would bomb first and ask questions later.  You don’t have to worry about pronouncing the name of a dead guy. 

I can only hope that enough people saw the debate and his dismal performance to think twice about voting for him.  Honestly–we cannot allow this man and his airhead VP to win.  It’s just too frightening to contemplate.


2 responses to “Okay…Now I’m Afraid

  1. Why do you think most Republicans voted against the $700 billion bailout? I think it’s because they suspect that if the bailout passes, most Americans will blame the GOP for the situation coming to this and Obama will win. So I think the Dems shouldn’t allow just a handful of Repubs to vote for a bailout for it to pass. If most Repubs won’t vote for the baiulout…then no bailout. That is typical politics; vote against it for political points but enjoy the benefits.

  2. I didn’t have to watch the debate to know who I was voting for. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s debate. That Zing in today’s paper about it being moved to the comedy channel has had me laughing all day.

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