Sarah Palin and the Shoes

Who won the debate?  Biden.  I have nothing further to add.  I read commentary and analysis and poll results until it nearly gave me a migraine, and I don’t even have migraines.  I will say this about Biden, his smile is just as dazzling as Palin’s (but without the winks), and I thought that sky-blue tie was a really nice touch.  It softened his image right off the bat.  I was glad he avoided that blazing red “power tie” that politicians seem to be so fond of. 

However, in all that I’ve read, I have yet to see a single mention of a critical component of the debate, which is Sarah Palin’s choice of shoes.  For several “behind the podium” photos, click here:

Now first of all, these shoes are red, unless my eyes are deceiving me.  That was in many ways a brilliant choice.  Sexy and aggressive at the same time.  Kind of a Scarlett O’Hara statement.  But, was this the time for red high heels?  Real, working, serious women don’t wear red high heels to work.  When I think of political women of power–Golda Meir, Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton even–I don’t see them wearing red high heels. 

Okay, you say, but they’re all older and uglier.  Fine, how about Benazir Bhutto or Eva Peron?  Do you see them in red high heels?  Well, Eva Peron, maybe.  But the point is that if you wanted to project a sensible, take-charge image, you would have chosen flats, or at the least, low heels.   I think Sarah Palin was deliberately projecting sexy.  Well, as the old saying goes, use what you got. 

Interviewer:  Sir, who do you think won the debate?

Guy:  Sarah Palin of course.

Interviewer:  Would you mind sharing why you think so?

Guy:  She has much better legs than Joe Biden. 

It’s too bad there won’t be another Veep debate, because I have suggestions for Palin on footwear.  In her case, I would skip the flats and low heels and go directly to snow boots.  I’ll give you two choices, you pick which you think most projects a strong, yet feminine image.

This selection, by Sorel, is called “Joan of the Artic”. 

Nice name, but there is a sort of tackiness to the rubbery lower section, making them look like galoshes. 

Personally, I prefer these.  I like that ostrich feather effect at the top, and the lowers are suede, treated to be water-repellent.  Much more elegant.  Strong, yet feminine.  I wonder if they come in red?



6 responses to “Sarah Palin and the Shoes

  1. LOL. Only a woman can turn a debate about shoes…

  2. Hey…symbolism counts! You don’t think Biden wore that blue tie and Palin wore red shoes by accident do you? Especially not on TV!

  3. Uncommitted Dog

    Obama is just a smart young guy, with great diction, and no reason in the world to be running for president of my country.

    McCain leaves me cold. An old white man, with a rich wife.

    Biden plagiarized his term papers in college, and his speeches in politics. He’s a proven liar, and doesn’t deserve elective office.

    That leaves Ms. Palin.
    She’s bright, beautiful, and normal.
    She perfectly represents my America.

    I’m not going away, anytime soon.
    Get used to it.

  4. I wouldn’t want you to go away. I just want Sarah Palin to go away.

  5. You need a night on the town:) Sheath your claws, you may scratch the cat.

  6. I’m not sure I get your point pt. Spell it out for me. I wouldn’t want to be in the position of (verbally) kicking your ass for what I think you mean. Just in case I misunderstood you.
    Uncommitted: Bright and normal–not. Beautiful, yes. And since when did we want that to be a qualification for elective office?

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