The Sad Case of Blogger X

I don’t plan to name Blogger X, although with a bit of research, you could probably figure it out. 

Here’s the situation:  on a certain hometown newspaper, there’s been a blogger who sometimes was blessed with publication in the print version of the newspaper.  He’s a young man (24, if we can believe that), and black, with a conservative point of view.  Not many of them around, which automatically made him somewhat unique.  He’s a lover of jazz and history. 

The biggest problem with his writings is that they’re pedantic.  On another blog, I recently commented that he seems to be unable to express an opinion without citing multiple sources to back it up.  I said I thought that was a form of insecurity.  I said that if he quoted James Madison one more time, I would puke.  I hoped he would get over that in time. 

Like most people, I flail around looking for the “truth”, and I’m probably right about half the time.  But this time, boy did I nail it.  Sadly. 

Last week, Blogger X acknowledged in an article in the print version of the newspaper that his blog profile was untrue.  In it, he claimed to have attended a local community college, followed by attendance at a local four-year college.  The implication was that he was still a student at said four-year college.  Something, I don’t know what–a tip?–made the newspaper look into him, and the end result was, they found he is not currently a student anywhere.  Worse, neither he nor the paper made it clear whether or not he was ever a student at the four-year college. 

He apologized, in print, and asked for a second chance.  He said he wanted to be a journalist.  He said that he’d never been able to adapt to formal education, but he is still a “student”, and spends many hours of study on his own.  I believe that.  But claiming to be a student, I think, was something he felt would bolster his “credentials”.  Insecurity at work. 

In reality, Blogger X is the kind of guy who would have done well in times past, when education was all a matter of desire, a driving need to know things.  I’m thinking of Darwin here.  Now that’s assuming Blogger X had the money to pursue that interest, rather than spending 18 hours a day trying to survive. 

Today there are still colleges and universities which allow you to set your own curriculum.  Maybe Blogger X would do well at one of them.  Granted, getting a college degree involves paying attention to a lot of stuff you may not really care about.  And having a college degree does not make you smarter. 

But ugh.  He lied.  

My friend and fellow blogger eehard said he was proud of Blogger X for fessing up, that it was a brave thing to do.  Well no, it wasn’t.  He got caught.  Big difference. 

The newspaper hasn’t banished him, and has vowed to give him that second chance he asked for.  That’s good…I guess.


6 responses to “The Sad Case of Blogger X

  1. What I found “interesting” is that on the one hand he says that a formal education doesn’t mean that much but then he apparently felt he needed to be seen as a formal student to give credence to his views. I thought he was a student, because his columns read like term papers. Which are ponderous and *BORING*…lol!

  2. I know, I know. I found the whole situation very disturbing and sad.

  3. Hey! Leave me out your blog when you are criticizing Blogger X. LOL He did get caught but he didn’t have to write about it. He manned up! That’s what I admire. I enjoy PeeOde over anything he’s ever written.

  4. Well…not really. The paper made him write an apology.

  5. Wow. How did you find that out? Or did I miss something in his article?

  6. It was an editor’s note after a letter to the editor…I sent you a link.

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