Pink Stuff, Part 2

There is an excellent article today on entitled “The Politics Behind the Pink Ribbon”, and subtitled, “Breast cancer hogs the spotlight and money, critics charge”. 

Here is a sobering quote from the article: 

“Breast cancer organizations have another advantage: many breast cancer patients live to become an army of walking, letter-writing, TV-appearing advocates. Nearly 90 percent of women with breast cancer survive the disease at least five years.

On the other hand, “pancreatic cancer patients are dead,” points out Barron Lerner, professor of medicine and public health at Columbia University, author of a book called “The Breast Cancer Wars.””

Here is the full article:

Still…I’ve been wearing my pink ribbon pin every day that I think of it this month (which is mostly every day). 

3 responses to “Pink Stuff, Part 2

  1. I know quite a few women who’ve had or have breast cancer; one is dying from it now. I’ve known exactly one person who had pancreatic cancer..
    and he lived!

  2. I have two sisters…who are breast cancer survivors…and I’m part of a ten year study called the Sister Study…for women who have had a sister(s) with breast cancer…to see if their is a link…my Mother died of ovarian cancer, and another sister who died of colon cancer…persons with cancer shouldn’t be fighting each other…but working together to find a cure!

  3. Lucytoo that is great that you’re in the Sister Study! So is my sister! It must be a bit scary for you to have so much history of cancer in your family. I admire you for doing what you can to help.

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