Fakename’s Election Observations…Part 1

Every day since the election I think I’m going to say something, but my thoughts get all jumbled.  I become speechless.  I’m still not quite past the point of bursting into tears when I see certain images again.  In today’s New York Times, Judith Warner comments that the iconic, never-to-be-forgotten image for her is that of a young mother, sitting on the floor of a church in Harlem, crying with joy at Obama’s victory, while her five year-old daughter reaches up to comfort her…obviously with no understanding of why Mom is crying.  The title of Warner’s article is “Tears To Remember”.  http://warner.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/11/06/title/?ref=opinion

For me, the iconic image will always be the sight of Jesse Jackson at Grant Park, during Obama’s acceptance speech, with tears streaming down his face. 

My observations start gently.  The day after the election, I watched both the videos of McCain’s concession speech, and Obama’s acceptance speech, and here’s what struck me:  Barack and Michelle Obama walked onstage hand in hand with their kids.  I can’t remember a single photo with their kids that Michelle hasn’t had her arms around them, or touching them on the shoulder, and beaming a brilliant smile at them.  At the end, Barack and Michelle walked offstage with their arms around each other and if I’m not mistaken, there was a kiss as they were just about to pass behind the curtain.  To put it simply, they seem to love and be protective of their kids, but they love each other like grownups. 

Moving to the McCain concession speech, there is a moment where you can see tears in Sarah Palin’s eyes, and she reaches over and touches her husband’s arm, ever so briefly.  He doesn’t respond, but yet you can feel that connection there.  He continues to face forward and applaud, but Palin the Impaler allowed herself a small moment of “weakness” there…a need to touch the man she loves and be reassured and strengthened by it. 

And then there were John and Cindy McCain.  There is Cindy McCain, looking all Stepford Wife-ish on the stage, with that frozen smile.  And during his speech, McCain never once mentioned or thanked his wife, or his family.  And then…as he walks off the stage, he walks in front of Cindy and just disappears.  He never touches her or even looks at her.  Like she’s a prop.  A cardboard cutout.  He ignores her.  So Fakename’s Observation #1 is, I feel terrible for Cindy McCain.


3 responses to “Fakename’s Election Observations…Part 1

  1. I take that back, I believe he did thank his family, but none by name, and certainly not Cindy.

  2. I am not going to comment on that.

  3. Lol pt, your non-comment comment is duly noted. I realize that people show affection differently, and sometimes not at all, it just struck me in this case.

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