Weekend Wrapup…Fun and Disaster

Dateline:  November 9th, 2008.  What a week.  Topped by the fact that Obama won. 

On Saturday, I met Anarchist http://spencercourt.wordpress.com/ and Mrs. Anarchist–the first time I’d ever met Anarchist in person.  We had our Obama victory celebration by what I refer to as the geezer method.  Namely, we had lunch.  You know, staying up all night on election night and partying like it’s 1999 is, sadly, a thing of the past.  I at least had a beer!

The only thing missing was our cyberpal and third member of the Tallahassee Band of Renegades, Nick Hardy, who was out of town.  Too bad…this week Nick had a National Geographic moment with a cat and a lizard http://eehard.wordpress.com/2008/11/07/cats-are-badass/ .  I would have explained to him that like dogs and people, every cat has a different personality.  In this case, Nick apparently had an encounter with the supervisory class of cat, who demonstrated vividly what would happen if the repair Nick was performing in his (the cat’s) house turned out to be substandard.  Which reminds me of a joke.

Q:  How many managers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A:  Just one–to hand the light bulb to an employee, who actually screws it in. 

After all the excitement of the week, today was unwinding day.  A little sitting at the picnic table, a little laundry, a little reading.  Then Murphy’s Law kicked in.  Before it got warm enough for picnic-table sitting, the dogs went in and out about 37 different times as usual, and about 1:00 P.M., Fakedog the Doberman wandered in with about a two-inch gash in his side, all the way down to the muscle.  What???!!!  I have absolutely no idea how it happened.   It looks like someone decided to skin him alive, and started with this cut on his side, just behind his shoulder. 

The ability of dogs and cats to hurt themselves or eat something that will make themselves sick, regardless of what precautions you take, knows no boundaries.  My first reaction was of course to rush him to the emergency vet (a terrible idea if you can avoid it), but after a few deep breathing exercises I realized he can wait.  But this is not the kind of injury that will heal itself.  He’ll have to have stitches, which means they will have to anesthetize him, which means it will cost next month’s salary.  There goes his Christmas present.


One response to “Weekend Wrapup…Fun and Disaster

  1. I await the influx of readers from your link!

    As for Nick, he owes us….!

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