Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today I resolved to be thankful, and I’ve spent the day making a list of things to be thankful for.  My main problem is, I don’t know who to thank for the things I’m thankful for.  Sure, I know we’re supposed to be grateful to God, Whatever that is.  Already I guess you can see my problem. 

I decided not to let that stop me.  I’ll be thankful, and let God, Fate, the Universe, Accidents of Birth and Genetics sort it all out amongst themselves and decide who gets credit for what. 

First on my list is, I’m glad I’m not a turkey.  If I were, I’d be giving thanks that I’m not a turkey from Alaska.  Otherwise, I’m giving thanks that…

…it’s Clementine season!  Yesterday was the first time I saw them for sale, and I’d forgotten that besides having a fire in the fireplace, Clementines are another great thing about winter. 

…that I have two eyes and can see out of both of them.  That I can walk.  That I have a job. That I have a house to have a fireplace in.  That I have a wonderful sister and special friends, and the companionship of four very special animals (aka “Fakefamily”).  I’m thankful I’m alive to be thankful. 

There are probably fifty other things I could name, but I find there’s only so much thankfulness I can manage in one day.  Plus, I think it’s best to keep things simple. 

However you spent your day, I hope that you were thankful for it.


6 responses to “Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Fakename!

  2. Thank you, Nick! I count you among the new friends I’m thankful for! I hope you saw the Marching 100 on the CBS news.

  3. thanks for the heads up. i caught it. i am thankful for you, anarchist, and ptfan1 as my new friends as well.

  4. Many sources report that being thankful, and taking a bit to notice what you have to be thankful for every day, is good for one’s well-being. Regardless of the presence or lack thereof of someone or something to give credit.

    An activity I should take to heart and perform more often.

  5. Funny you should mention that, Fakesister. There was a small article in the newpaper last week about that. I expect it works because it deflects your anger or anxiety about what you “don’t” have. That would seem to be good for your blood pressure, in which case, I need to find something to be thankful for about every five minutes.
    So far today I’m thankful that the Girl Dog didn’t eat the entire container of pesto last night that she absconded with off the coffee table. Not because it would hurt her, but because I’d like to eat it myself.

  6. Since I was flying home on Thanksgiving, I’m a bit late on this one….

    Since the expression is “Happy Thanksgiving”, I focus on the “happy” part to avoid wondering who / what to give thanks to…;)

    I’m happy to have met the blogging regulars that began at TDO and have since moved (to some extent or another) here. That my wife and I are relatively healthy.

    I agree with fakesister that the “glass is half full” perspective is better than the “glass is half empty” one but it seems a lot of folks like to complain and worry.

    No turkey died for me Thirsday. The same cannot be said for a lamb or a pig….lol!

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