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Shhh.  Don’t tell anybody, but I don’t like sports.  It isn’t that I hate sports, I’m just not interested.  However, today, I’m watching my obligatory semi-annual football game.  (Semi-annual:  at least one college game, plus the Superbowl.)

I do have to at least pretend, to an extent, because I live in Tallahassee.  I think that if you live here and admit you aren’t interested in football, they make you move somewhere else.  So today I’m watching the Florida/Florida State game.  It’s pouring down rain, and that can’t be good, especially for the team that’s worse–namely, Florida State.  Florida State may be counting on the weather being a problem for Florida. On the other hand, if the weather was better, Florida State could be losing faster. 

Still, the thing I do like about sports is the human dimension.  (Shhh, don’t tell anybody.) You have a guy like Tim Tebow playing, Heisman Trophy winner and seemingly all-around nice guy.  Watching him makes me think of back in the day when I used to love watching Joe Montana.  Not quite the same…watching Montana was like watching ballet.  Tebow is more of a power player.  On the FSU side, you have Myron Rolle.  A handsome but big scary-looking guy who last week was named a Rhodes scholar.  All you people with negative attitudes about athletes…go eat dirt. 

Now so far it seems to me that one of the announcers is highly prejudiced toward Florida.  That’s fine, but don’t be so obvious.  I don’t know if it was him who said it or not, but so far, the best quote of the first half was referring to the Florida RB Demps:  “He’s faster than a rabbit in love.”

Stay tuned for observations from the second half.


8 responses to “Live Football Blog

  1. Okay…now I’m mad. ABC is using the halftime to report scores from other games. Like I care. So we’re missing the FSU Marching Chiefs. Granted, they don’t hold a candle to the FAMU Marching 100, but still.
    The score at the end of the half is 28 to 9. That’s 3 field goals on the part of FSU. I always consider field goals to be a desperation move. Not that that’s bad…it would just be good to have some TD’s in your pocket first. Sigh. I know more about this game than I like to admit. Although I also admit I know less about it than I should. Safeties. What is that about?
    Also, a bunch of players are getting hurt, which is the main thing I hate about football. Besides the usual head-bumping aggressiveness, there are players sliding all over the field, twisting their ankles and knees on the wet field. Making it to the pros is a crapshoot. You just have to hope you don’t get hurt enough first. Then you have to hope you make enough money in the pros before you have to retire and spend all your money on rehab.
    As soon as this game is over, I’m going to have to go read some poetry and light some aromatherapy candles to restore my karmic balance. Okay, I’m kidding. I am so not anywhere New Age. Still.

  2. Okay, third Quarter report. Who in the hell names their child “Urban”. As in the coach of Florida, Urban Meyer. Last time I checked, “urban” was a word that was the opposite of “rural”.
    Having said that, it seems to me that Meyer has crafted a real team, with individual standout players who nevertheless play together. Meanwhile, we have Bobby Bowden. That nobody will dare to question his judgement.

  3. Okay then…it’s over, and the outcome was as expected. It was somewhat painful watching FSU’s team bumble through the game.

  4. I have no problem admitting that I have no interest whatsoever in watching any sports on TV…except poker (which is on ESPN, so it must be a sport!).

  5. I have to admit that I was taken aback about that remark and the others refering to the quickness of the athlete chasing rabbits through the Everglades. While I will always root for FSU, it is time for Bobby to call it a career. Whenever he puts on the headphones, it scares the crap out of me. FSU really needs to come to grips about playing the best quarterback and niether of them is number 7 or 11.

  6. I guess you mean neither Ponder or Weatherford (I can barely keep up with the game, if I had to remember their jersey #’s I’d be sunk!) But really, they just don’t have the talent of somebody like Tebow. As for BB, I agree with you. I hate to see someone get pushed out because of age, but really, he should have retired last year when they named Jimbo Fisher “Head Coach-in-Waiting”. That seems like a terribly awkward postion for Fisher. So really, Bobby, we honor your service, but just go already.

  7. OK this cuts it. First you have a love affair with Obama and now you are doing the Teabag Tango. Girl, you are just trying to drive me away. Ok I can take a hint. It was wet and yucky and the game sucked. The coaches played a hurt QB I don’t know why. EEEE may have been correct Dvo may have been the spark we needed that night, certainly wasn’t DW.

    The marching chiefs are a great band (they just don’t march anymore.) UF’s band is the pitts every year I can never hear what they play. What you missed were 4 of the FSU Tuba players going down on the sloppy field. Ouch!

    Tailgate was great, Burt Reynolds Beef stew was a big hit and the Sangria was too.

    I am recovered from Nov’s 4 and 29. What are you gonna try next? Rap?

  8. And btw if you ain’t a booster your opinion of BB is rendered null and void…….

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