Campaign Finance Whine

Well, I hate to say anything critical about our soon-to-be President;  I couldn’t be more elated that he won.  But I have my first bone to pick.  Here’s the deal:

Yesterday on NPR they talked about the final total of campaign contributions to both Obama and McCain, and the results for Obama were astounding.  He raised $710 million, more than any candidate in history, and as they seemed eager to point out, that’s almost  three quarters of a billion dollars.  If I’m not mistaken, I believe they said that was more money than all the candidates in the 2004 election combined.  John McCain’s total was not shabby.  It was just under the amount raised by George W. in 2004 and would ordinarily have been enough to carry the day, but he was faced with the juggernaut that was Obama. 

Obama had 14 million individual donors.  It isn’t the money that won the election.  It’s that many people being willing to give any amount to make him win.  We really, really wanted him to win.  The money was just a symptom of our desperation to turn the country around. 

I myself gave $130–okay, that last $30 was so I could get a T-shirt. 

In the story on NPR yesterday, they reported that Obama has $30 million something left over, and he has three choices of what to do with it: ( a) donate it to charity, (b) donate it to other candidates for office, (c) save it for his re-election campaign in 2012.  I voted for (c).

But today, I got an email from my friend Joe Biden.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but my buddy Joe the Veep wants to know if I’ll donate $100 to help retire Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt.  Because that’s a commitment they made and he knows I’d like to help.  Say what?

What nerve.  So Joe, here’s my answer.  Please understand that your commitment to help retire Hillary’s campaign debt was your commitment, not mine.  How quickly you forget that everyone in the country is suffering financially right now; that many of us scraped together whatever we could to help you win.  Hillary and Bill Clinton, and you and Barack, are millionaires.  Don’t ask me for another cent.  If you want to fulfill your commitment, then Barack can give Hillary his $30 million.  Of which $130 was mine.  That’s my contribution.

5 responses to “Campaign Finance Whine

  1. I didn’t appreciate that help Hillary email either. Bill can give a couple of speeches and knock down that debt in no time.

  2. I’m glad to know you felt the same way. I thought it was just wrong.

  3. Hey, I didn’t get an e-mail… Guess it was because I didn’t give them my e-mail.

    But I agree that hitting up folks on Hillary’s behalf who donated because they wanted Obama to be Prez is a lot of chutzpah. Is Biden Jewish? 😉

    And does Obama understand the impressive “diversity” implications of appointing a Spanish-Filipino-Jewish person like me as Secretary of Poker? lol!

  4. I thought you wanted to be Secretary of Tourism? Maybe the poker part could be part of your oversight. You know how every job description has a category called “other duties as assigned”.

  5. Anarchist, if you do become the poker czar, do your friends get complimentary chips?

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