Conservative Friends

The words “conservative” and “Fakename” do not  belong in the same sentence.  Fakename does not have conservative friends.  Fakename’s friends fall into two categories:  politically liberal (I’m throwing anarchists into that pot), and Don’t Know, Don’t Care.  The second group is actually often a refreshing change of pace.

But last week I realized I do have a conservative friend!  This is a guy I know from work, whom we will call “Chris” for the purposes of this blog.  I guess you would actually have to call him an acquaintance, because I haven’t seen him for probably a year, until last week.  I used to see him fairly often and was wondering why he dropped out of sight:  The answer is that the size of his company has quadrupled (how often is that happening, in this economy?) and he was promoted.  So he’s now a supervisor and no longer does the worker bee stuff that was the occasion for my seeing him in the past.  But he is a conservative and I actually missed our sparring matches.  Except for here on WordPress, I rarely run into anyone who keeps track of current events the way I do. 

So last week when he showed up, after giving me a big hug (that was a surprise, first time that ever happened–guess he missed me too), we stood outside my office and talked for…an hour and a half.  I think we were both shocked when we realized what time it was.  But after the hug, his first words to me were, “Well, you got your Democrat in the White House!”  Lol, some things never change. 

In that time we covered every conceivable topic related to politics that either of us could think of.  Obama….Chris:  very intelligent, but not enough experience to have good judgement, maybe, but he’s willing to wait and see and hopes it works out.  Obama is the President, and he will support him.  McCain…Chris:  What an awful alternative to have had.  Voting…Chris: Remember the words “secret ballot”, and that nobody would tell you who they voted for?  Now they can’t wait to be on TV and tell you.  The media…I mentioned the New York Times, and Chris’s eyes rolled up in his head.  That’s when I said, do you have a blog on Wordpress under the name Ptfan1?  More media…I mentioned Rush Limbaugh.  Chris replied:  Keith Olbermann.  More media…Me:  Katie Couric.  Chris:  Lightweight.  Me:  She did a number on Sarah Palin to be a lightweight.  Chris:  That wasn’t too hard to do.  Abortion….Chris is not against it but doesn’t think he should have to pay for it.  Closing Guantanamo….Chris:  Bad idea, these are really bad guys.  Me:  What are we doing with a prison in Cuba?  A country we won’t even speak to?  The octuplet mom…Chris:  The doctor should be shot (which he later amended to, the doctor should lose his license).  Me: ditto.  See if you talk long enough and don’t automatically dismiss the other person as stupid, you will eventually find areas where you agree.     

Now here’s the big surprise.  At the end of the conversation, Chris revealed that he is a lifelong registered Democrat.  I made the immediate inference that he did that so he could vote in the Democratic primary and choose the person he deemed most likely to lose to the Republican candidate.  It turns out, that isn’t the case at all.  In the most recent primary, he voted for Clinton, because of all the contenders, Republican and Democrat alike, he thought she would make the best president.  That goes to show that you should not make broad assumptions about people. 

Of course, I did already have a clue that Chris is not quite as rigid as he may appear:  he listens to NPR.  Maybe when we have our next conversation he’ll confess that he secretly reads the New York Times.  Which I suspect Ptfan1 does too.  Cheers, Pt!


17 responses to “Conservative Friends

  1. I like to think I don’t let politics get in the way of friendship. One of my good friends in college was President of the Young Republicans (all 10 of them…lol!). We’d debate back and forth but at the end of the week it was a good steak, some beer and carousing. Even today one of my close friends from Manila is a “Rush fan” Republican.

    What I don’t care for are the “low info” types on either side. PT is not low info, but TDO was full of those types so I never bothered with them.

  2. FN of course I read the NYT but I also look for balance somewhere else. I read the WSJ and the Washington post and listen to Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. No one has 100% of the best thoughts.

    Here’s a great example of total smear “journalism.”

    I accidentally caught half of this yesterday. I didn’t catch who produced it until today.
    It interviews the low life Klan type rednecks and portrays them as the typical conservative voter. People using the N word and revealing they have no brain and no teeth. It aired on HBO. AFTER a month of the new administration.

    It was produced by Alexandria Pelosi, who is clearly her mother’s daughter.

  3. I haven’t seen it of course, but it sounds to me as if they are more typical of conservative voters than you are. Just because you don’t identify with them doesn’t mean they aren’t in the majority, so it isn’t necessarily a smear. I wonder if Alexandra had to use a fake name to get them to talk to her, lol.
    Totally off the subject, nice human interest story closed out the CBS news tonight, a woman with a pony with an artificial leg…from Valparaiso.
    I don’t know how you do that Anarchist….Chris and I discussed James Carville and Mary Matalin, how do they do it?

  4. The thing is its all witchcraft not science. There are no accurate numbers only unsupported generalities “documented” by anecdotal evidence………full of sound and fury signifying whatever the purveyor wishes. Used as debate material to support talking points…………gets a little old. Kinda like a trick dog, after a few hundred times ya wanna see something different.

    Wouldn’t know about CBS. Refuse to watch it. KKK Katie is too complex my simple brain. Or…….

  5. Dang……..the drums work quickly:) I watched it. Thanks. It was next to the “clay gully” New owners though. Newbees………they are gonna spoil Paradise.

  6. Newbies…there goes the neighborhood.

  7. > I don’t know how you do that Anarchist

    If you mean hang with conservatives, it’s by accepting that politics is low on the scale of life’s priorities because none of us will have much influence on what happens, with all due respect to PTFan’s “power of one.”

    I actually began writing that “power of one” post but… I thought I could do it in two parts and then decided I need to revisit the whole thing when I hit four very long parts….

  8. Well that’s the thing…politics is not low on my scale of priorities. This is an exaggeration, but I couldn’t be friends with a member of the KKK as long as all we talked about were dogs and food and the weather. Your politics say things about your values, as you would say. And your values translate into politics.

  9. FN
    But seriously if Spumoni interviewd Michael Vic and aired it as representative of the majority of liberals wouldn’t you (a) be offended and (b) want to set the record straight. I want to sue her. But stupid is not a protected group.

    The overwhelming MAJORITY of conservatives are not racists nor southern for that matter. It makes my blood boil to be dismissed in the comapny of ignorant asses, it is not at all amusing. Truth matters.

  10. ptfan1,

    you wouldn’t be mad at kkk katie because she exposed sarah palin as a mental lightweight would you?

    oh by the way, blacks in america are the least secular group and you’d be surprised that a large percentage has conservative values.

  11. ee
    I was talking about Pelosi’s daughter in this post. Not KKK Katie. Katie laughed & gloated about what she did and gave clueless Joe a free pass. Now his free pass is for life and Katie thinks its so cute to be a —-.

    Conservative values often have morphed over time from liberal youth to conservative maturity. That’s not to say liberals are immature but it is the party of rebelliousness which is more often young.

    It struck me that there is one significant differentiator among the 4 of us. Anyone know what I am thinking? Here’s a clue………it is one word. (and in 1 case I may be making an invalid assumption)

  12. You make an awful lot of assumptions, Pt. And what is that —- (dash, dash, dash) thing Katie thinks its so cute to be? I can guess…but that would be an assumption, wouldn’t it.
    But since I like games, I’ll play with the second part. And I can’t think of a single thing. So please enlighten me.

  13. ok 1 down and 2 to go

  14. You’ll have to tell me pt.

  15. > I couldn’t be friends with a member of the KKK

    Neither could I but that’s an extreme example.

    Yet, I’d have no problem lunching with Mr. Ayers. Why is that? Maybe because at the time I had no problem with his politics? And I will not judge what he did then in today’s light because I am an existentialist.

    There’s a great scene in The Reader along these lines. But I will not say what it is since you may see it and I don’t want to spoil it for you.

  16. > It struck me that there is one significant
    > differentiator among the 4 of us.

    Well, I’m the only one born and raised overseas… 🙂

    But how about this: PT is the only white male. I may look white but I’m “mixed.”

    But white male is not a predictor of being conservative, so….

    You may be the only one raised in rural north Florida.

    But then you’re saying that birth is some sort of destiny, which I don’t accept. Because if so, then I should be some sort of right-wing oligarch! 😉 FN is convinced of that last one though…. lol!

    Tell us!

  17. I just revisited this and realized that Pt has yet to tell us the secret. The real differentiator is that I’m the only woman. But I don’t think Pt thinks that way, so trying to think how Pt thinks…damn that’s hard…is that maybe he thinks he’s the only one with children. But Nick has a child…so maybe that’s the one thing he thinks he may have made the wrong assumption about.

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