Let’s All Get Mad

Only yesterday I was saying that I can’t bear to hear the letters “AIG” one more time.  I’m now boycotting network newscasts until they stop talking about it, which shouldn’t take long.  Soon there will be another Octomom or killer chimpanzee or Bernard Madoff to take our minds off AIG.  But really, my mind has been off AIG for at least a week. 

Everyone who knows me well knows that this is my morning routine:  1)  Do the NY Times crossword puzzle online.  2)  Read the NY Times op-ed columnists of the day.  So today, Gail Collins, whom I suspect is a long-lost twin , said everything I was thinking except better.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/21/opinion/21collins.html?_r=1&ref=opinion  The best part of her column was talking about “outrage creds”.  Which is my point exactly.  There are people in Congress who must be getting daily injections of mad-sustaining drugs in order to maintain this level of silly, phony anger. 

Charles Blow of the Times had a different take on the issue, which was equally pointed and registered with me just as much.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/21/opinion/21blow.html?ref=opinion   So really, am I mad?  Sure.  Except I quit about a week ago. 

And why?  Because it doesn’t make a hoot’s worth of difference to my life.  I raged about the unfairness of it all for about a day.  But to KEEP being mad about it for weeks would require me to get some of those injections Congress is apparently getting.  I’m done.  It’s a blip.  Get over it.


One response to “Let’s All Get Mad

  1. Don’t get mad… get even. And if you can’t get even, forget about it!

    Congress is “getting even” with that 90% tax.

    You may want to invest in piano wire. That is what one person said he wanted to do to the family of an AIG executive. Strangle them all with piano wire.

    So do you think some folks are upset?

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