Cute and Fuzzy

By popular request, this week’s edition of Fakename’s Animal Planet focuses on animals of the cute and fuzzy persuasion.  Fakesister volunteered this picture I took some years ago of her horse “Spot”.  His real name is “Wild Wager”, so if he were a racehorse, you might not want to pick him.  Especially since he can be so easily distracted by carrots and granola bars.  In this photo, you can see by his eyes that he’s a little unnerved by me standing beneath him (What is she doing!!!?), but not enough to drop the carrot. 


Of course, nothing beats cute and fuzzy like baby animals.  My favorite wild animal is the elephant.


But there are also these baby tigers: 


Then there are Meerkats.  The real Animal Planet has a series called Meerkat Manor, about the lives of a group of Meerkats.  It’s surprisingly dramatic, and their behavior is almost human.  Well, except maybe for the part about eating the babies of rival females.  Still, you have to respect any animal that eats scorpions. 


However today’s post is dedicated to Fakedog, who is just trying to survive living in the same household as The Beast.  Neither of us are very fuzzy, but we are kind of cute. 



5 responses to “Cute and Fuzzy

  1. I’ve always associated “cute and fuzzy” with “small.” So I do like those Meerkats.

    Is that Fakedog in the photo? (I’ve only seen a “rear view” photo of him… 😉

    If so, Fakedog looks like he could hold his own.

  2. That is indeed Fakedog. I know he looks tough (which comes in handy) but he is a true wimp.

  3. are you sure that is a horse? it looks like a camel to me.

  4. Before maligning Spot’s racing abilities, note that his sire, The Sting, won actual money racing in the Appaloosa-only races! But Spot still wants to grow up to be a lap dog.

  5. And Spot is descended from Man ‘O War, right? Still, if I were racing against him, I would go, Psst, Spot….want a carrot? Just before the starting gate opened.

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