I’m In the Mood

Some people are just really hard to please.  Already, eehard has disparaged my choice of Bonnie Raitt, saying it sounded like blues for white people.  Not authentic enough, I guess.  Well, my girl can hold her own with any of the classic blues stars you care to name. 

As an example, I was going to post a video of her with BB King, but then there was this one with her and John Lee Hooker.  Warning:  don’t play this before 9:00 P.M.  Or if you must, send the kids to play outside on the swing set. 

5 responses to “I’m In the Mood

  1. In the mood? I like the wartime (as in WW2) song by that name. I’m not much for the “blues”… because I’m a happy sort of fella! Give me some Jerry Lee Lewis any day!

  2. Aaah, see, the blues is all about being happy! It’s kind of like an exorcism…listening to it, you just get rid of all the negative stuff.

  3. Now that is what I am talking about Fakenegro, I mean Fakename. You do have a hip gene in your body.

  4. I’m honored that you think so ee. Never mind that my heritage is certainly Irish and probably French. You don’t get much more Euro than that. Maybe I got some cool through osmosis.

  5. Don’t go biology on me. I am in no mood to look up your scientific terms…

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