Global Cooling

I’m personally hoping for that right about now.  I mean, I’m not looking for another Ice Age, I would just like for the planet to cool off by say, 15 degrees.  This minute. 

On Thursday evening at 6:15  here in Tallahassee, the temperature was 99 degrees with a heat index of 106.  Yesterday, the actual temp at 6:15 was only 98, with a heat index of only 104 or so, but at some time during the day, it made it up to the projected high of 101.  It’s been like this for a week. 

Apparently there is a ridge of high pressure that has parked itself over the entire southeastern U.S. and it resists all efforts to budge it.  I’m like, can we just break it down with a missile of some kind?  I mean, we are all prepared to shoot down any rocket the North Koreans care to fire, so if we have that kind of technology, what about a little domestic help here?  You know, cloud seeding or something. 

I will grant that we here in the South are a bit more prepared for record heat waves than people in, for example. Chicago.  Still, I have to tell you, we are suffering.  It really is hard from one year to the next to remember how hot it was, how cold it was, how bad the storms were, etc., but I can say with confidence that I’ve never been through an extended period of heat like this. 

Now enter the Global Warming Deniers.  There is a guy right here on WordPress whose mission seems to be to debunk any suggestion of global warming.  Anthony Watts, whose blog is called Watts Up With That?  Cute name.  Weird attitude. 

The GWD’s always, it seems to me, aren’t so much about denying that the planet is warming, but about denying that humans have any role to play in it.  Not so with Watts.  It just isn’t happening.  At all.  For any reason. He cherry-picks scientists who agree with him.  I guess what it will take for him to be a believer is for the ocean to rise up to Omaha or wherever the hell he lives, at which point he will either drown or be smothered by dead polar bears.

The planet is just going through a phase, they say.  It’s always gone through phases.  Oh, good point. But around here, it looks like record high temperatures for a long period of time, and more frequent and severe hurricanes probably mean something.


2 responses to “Global Cooling

  1. What gets me is that we are only into June! What the hell is going to happen in July and August? Tallahassee really sucks right now. It’s so hot that I have been afraid to go outside and smoke for fear of starting a wildfire in my lungs.

  2. > On Thursday evening at 6:15 here in Tallahassee, the temperature was 99

    It’s not the heat, it the humidity! 😉

    When we were in Vegas for Labor Day week one year, it was 110 at 6 PM, but it was a dry heat… lol!

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