Forever Young Redux

I don’t know if I’ve made this clear or not, but I hate sports and I hate rap music.  But I love clever TV commercials.  Matter of fact, I love clever commercials period…radio, print, whatever.  But TV is the very best.  I should have a different career.  I love advertising. 

I’ve only ever found one other person who shared this sort of weird passion I have for fun TV commercials. It was when I lived in New Orleans, which probably goes a long way toward explaining it all.  New Orleans as a city is probably pretty depressed right now, but it used to be more lively and sarcastic than it is now. 

So while in New Orleans, I saw the very best car commerials ever, under the heading “Need a Car?”  One of the ads showed a guy putting his sports car through one of those automated car washes, but the equipment goes haywire and starts breaking the windows.  Need a car?  Another showed an elderly couple unable to find their car in a vast parking lot.  Let’s just buy a new one.  I can totally relate to that last example.  I refer to it as “autoamnesia”–the inability to remember where you parked your car. 

So Will.I.Am did this great ad for Pepsi.  I’m guessing that true rap fans think he sold out.  I think he did a good deed.  “May your hands always be busy, may your feet always be swift.  May you have a strong foundation when the winds of changes shift.  May your heart always be joyful, may your song always be sung, and may you stay….forever young.”


19 responses to “Forever Young Redux

  1. Every gemeration refreshes the world. Quite a slogan.

  2. masteroftheuniverse

    Although I’m not a television watcher, I’m not immune to the siren call of a good ad. Probably the most effective ad I ever saw was in 1965 when I was a kid and saw a young Ail McGraw touting a Polaroid Camera. A catchy tune and a beach setting made this accessory necessary for everyone.

    They sold about 4 million cameras in two years from that commercial.

    Now here’s a great commercial ad in the 80’s that my late wife did singlehandedly(from original story boards and design to crude animation) and won 4 Addy Awards.

    I liked her ad, but never admitted that I liked the polaroid swinger ad better.


  3. Jeff, I think you were maybe distracted by the Ali McGraw portion of the Polaroid ad 🙂 Because your wife’s ad is much better!

    • No way that Da Vinci can hold up to Ali McCraw! Besides, it’s only $19.95! And likely got more use than a Bowflex, which are probably a dime a dozen about 3 months after Christmas when the folks who bought them surrender to their true, inner couch potato.

  4. What I need here is a sports fan. Of the teams, stadiums, and people–past and present–the only one I recognized was Babe Ruth. And I’m pretty much fluffing out all my feathers and being exceedingly proud of myself for that one.
    Needless to say, I don’t like this ad because of its sports content. I like it because of its message of continuity…life goes on.

  5. Jeff’s wife’s ad is *way* better!

  6. American advertising pales in comparison to that of Europe. I still hate advertising anyway. Nothing ruins a good football game like a television timeout!

  7. ee, I think you just like European advertising because it contains more nudity 🙂 At least that was my observation when I was there. I personally think there is a lot to be said for imgaination

  8. There is a lot to be said for nudity. My imagination fails me sometimes.

  9. “What I need here is a sports fan.”

    OMG you are lame girl.

    Mickey Mantel, Jr., Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Derek Jeter, Jackie Robinson,………. sigh.

    That is one of the best commercials ever btw. Too bad Pepsi sucks.

    My foot taps and pulse races a bit every single time I see it.

  10. When it comes to sports I am entirely lame! And I agree with you about Pepsi! But I too am crazy about the ad.

  11. Although I reside in the home of Coca Cola, I prefer Pepsi these days. What few times I drink carbonated stuff.

    Note that Fakename and I, despite supposedly sharing some genes, have generally opposed food preferences. None of that raw oyster and rare beef for me! She doesn’t like my bacon wrapped dates on principal, having never tried one.

  12. Fakesister, I think I could be persuaded to try a bacon-wrapped date! I mostly like bacon-wrapped chicken livers though. You are probably having to run away and gag now 🙂

  13. “I mostly like bacon-wrapped chicken livers though”

    Living people don’t eat chicken livers! Now bacon wrapped dates sound marvelous what else do you do to the ors doeuvres?

  14. *Hors D’oeuvres

  15. I make an interesting cheese spread, shaped like a pinecone, with whole almonds inserted in overlapping rows, and a real pine bough. After the first party goers took pictures instead of bites, I learned to also eat part of it so folk would enjoy it as food!

    Bacon wrapped dates we saw on Campfire Cooking or some such show. Whole pitted dates individually wrapped in a half slice of bacon, toothpicked, cooked in a Dutch oven with coals top and bottom.

    The kitchen variety: a third slice of bacon, in 400 or hotter oven, on a grill pan so some of the fat drains off. Soak those toothpicks! Cook ’til bacon is crispy, drain on paper towels.

    The first bites will be very hot – the sugary dates hold in the heat.

  16. That “pine cone” cheese ball is extremely clever!

  17. If only I had created the faux pine cone! Alas, I must admit I saw a picture and recipe in a magazine.

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