Health Care “Debate”: Part 2

Last week we had one of those Town Hall meetings with our Democratic Congressman, Allen Boyd.  Boyd is one of the Blue Dogs, which makes him a DINO (Democratic In Name Only.) It was held across the street from where I work, and the local newspaper estimated that 1,000 people showed up.  I personally think it was more.  There were tons of people carrying homemade signs that said “Hands Off My Health Care”.

Reportedly, it was more civilized than the stuff we’ve seen on TV, but you would be hard-pressed to tell by the following picture, taken outside City Hall where the “Town” Meeting was held: 


The guy who is on the victim end of the finger-pointing  expressed an opinion in yesterday’s newspaper, the Tallahassee Democrat.  (“Democrat” did not used to be a four-letter word.)  See it here

I am constantly admonished to present fact rather than opinions.  But the “fact” is, I can do no better.  Almost every “fact” has an interpretation attached to it.  In our weekly conversation today, Fakesister and I had a discussion about what constitutes “fact”.  I said, you can only call something a fact if it has already happened.  Thus, we had a Civil War.  Fakesister said, I can use facts to predict the future too.  The sun will rise in the East tomorrow. 

Good point.  Except that could change.

I am also exhorted to remember that the whole health care “debate” is not really about “facts”, it’s about “values”.  (Sorry, Anarchist, this means you.)  But what is a fact?  “Facts” cannot be separated from your perceeption of them.

Last night I had a long conversation with a friend who is a doctor.  I’ve known him since his first year of medical school, when he was an  idealist and hated the sight of blood :).  My how far we have come.  Both of us are very different people now.  In his heart, he is still an idealist, but reality has intruded. 

I close with a very amusing (to me) Letter To The Editor.  A woman who tried to attend the Health Care Town Hall Meeting, in order to protest the Government Takeover of the World, found that there were no seats available. She decided to leave.   On her way out, she fell down the stairs in City Hall and broke her foot.  She then spent 7 hours in the ER.    Is this ironic or what?

3 responses to “Health Care “Debate”: Part 2

  1. An interesting comment by flybyer on the blog comments!

    “As a person who was photograpging this confrontation, I can say that there were two adults behaving badly. Mr. Opel was every bit as threatening as Mr. Cameron. I would like to have seen the Democrat publish the other photographs that their photographer took which showed Mr. Opel posturing in a threatening manner. Mr. Opel’s statements indicate that those against the healthcare initiatives were using threats and intimidation but he completely disregards the misdeeds of those for the healthcare initiatives.The people opposing this health care bill weren’t the only ones threatening others. I saw many passionate discussions on both sides. As someone who isn’t supporting this bill, I saw people who share Mr. Opel’s views speak with great condescension to others who just wanted to prevent the erosion of freedom that comes from government control. I saw two groups of people who could not talk to each other rationally. It is no wonder nothing can be accomplished at the national level”

  2. > the whole health care “debate” is not really about > “facts”, it’s about “values”

    A very wise man who said that…. .)

    > the erosion of freedom that comes from
    > government control

    We long ago lost that freedom PT. But, I assure you that we anarchists are waiting to give you all the freedom you can use, and probably a whole lot you’d rather not have.

    But, since health care is an issue that cannot be rationally resolved, I urge you all to unite behind an issue that is susceptible to such rational solution.

    Join me *and* noted conservative George Will in the notable effort for a huge step forward in freedom by the de-criminalization of the foolish GOP-instigated ban on online poker!

  3. “But, since health care is an issue that cannot be rationally resolved”

    The change that needs to come wil be painful but it can still happen, at the moment however our leaders are not being held accountable for real results and people are content to drink the partisanship Kool Aid. Like the guy who wrote this report was selling. Clearly he went with an agenda, a pen, and a camera.

    Its Gonzo News. Fun for some but not professional. The “victim” would not be allowed in a board room.

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