Breast Cancer: How Tough It Gets

This is an email my friend sent to advise me of her upcoming hip replacement surgery today (although I already knew it was coming).  The latter part of the email gave us, her many friends, the phone numbers of her sister and one of her daughters in case we wanted to check on her.  I called her sister this evening.  I just wanted to know she had survived the surgery.  If she did that, we will have her for longer.  She did.  Yay. 

It turns out that you are better off if breast cancer metasizes to bone, rather than to an organ.  You get more time that way.  But not much. 

It’s impossible to describe the courage and good humor with which my friend has faced this. 

Recently I have felt that life has been going along so smoothly with only a few challenges such as still not being able to walk properly on my left leg and just having day after day of sitting on the deck reading to my heart’s content.  Anyway, I felt that some little thing was missing–I needed more excitement, so my right hip evidently read my mind and now I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery on Wednesday, Sept. 2. 
Now, I am writing and calling my wonderful friends to let you know that I’ll be on the injured reserve list for a bit longer.  The surgery is at TMH and I’ll probably get transferred to TMH Rehab facility on about Saturday, Sept. 5.
I hope you will keep me in  your mind/prayers/thoughts and hold me in the light or visualize me whole and walking around Lake Ella again very soon.  (It has been over a year, so I feel I should go walk there as soon as possible.)
Thanks for the support that all of you have constantly provided me over the past year or two . I don’t think I could have done it without you.
Please come see me in rehab or give me a call if you get time.
Thanks so much and love & peace to all.

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