Worst Places To Live

You may think you have it bad.  You’ve got traffic issues in Atlanta, D.C., L.A., and anywhere on I-95, where tomorrow a semi will run over you in your pathetic little SUV after running over the four vehicles behind you first.  Trust me on this.  Crime?  Maybe you live in Chicago or New Orleans or Miami.  But nothing compares to The Worst Places To Live…If You’re In a Disaster Movie

All the credit goes to Fakesister for finding this and sending it to me. The occasion is the upcoming opening of the movie “2012”, which according to the Mayan calendar is the year the world ends.  Gail Collins of the NY Times speculates that had Mayan civilization survived in its original form, they would have come up with a new date once 2012 arrived, and anyway, she said, didn’t we just go through this in 2000?  Ho.  Hum.  Oddly enough, when 2000 arrived, I was living in West Palm Beach and to my disbelief, a computer program I was required to use actually crashed.  Presumably, back in its brain it was still functioning, it just couldn’t tell me so, because it was lost in time.  I did occasionally pass by my computer and think I heard faint cries of “Help me!” 

Returning to the issue of Worst Places To Live, I completely agree with them about Tokyo being Number One, since it is routinely trashed by giant monsters.  Fakesister liked Number Two (Los Angeles), because in spite of the many threats it faces, you can wear short sleeves there in February.  “People really will put up with a lot for decent weather.” 


7 responses to “Worst Places To Live

  1. I see Vegas is photo #9, which is from Resident Evil: Extinction. Quite apart from the Vegas ending, that is one of my favorite films because of all the gore. Right up there with Kill Bill 1.

    I’m awaiting Tallahicky’s movie disaster debut in: “Attack of the Deranged Wakulla County Rednecks” 😉

    As you may know, Wakulla Springs was location for “Creature from Black Lagoon.”

  2. masteroftheuniverse

    If I had to live in Secaucus, NJ, I might be forced to suicide:)

    • I’ve already wondered why New Jersey, in general, is so often mentioned as an armpit of the country. I’ve never been to NJ, so I have no idea. And I don’t think I want to visit and find out for myself…lol!

      But, I do know some folks from NJ, and they seem to think it’s nice.

  3. I lived in Chatham, NJ for a special assignment one year. Very nice place. Lovely parks close by, almost everything within walking distance.

    The industrial corridor along the coast south of Newark isn’t all that enticing though.

  4. masteroftheuniverse

    Oh, if you go to Rumson NJ or Upper Saddle River NJ, they are perfectly delightful towns. It’s like comparing my old town of Kenilworth, IL with Peoria or the Quad cities. There’s nice places in every state, and every state has an armpit.

  5. Anyone who drove along the New Jersey turnpike (a sixteen lane mega-road) in the late 1970’s recalls the wall-to-wall chemical plants and the smelly sulfur clouds which they belched.

    This was imortalized in a Saturday Night Live skit, where two guys (who obviously suffered some brain damage) kept repeating the catch phrase, “I’m from New Joisey. Are you from New Joisey. Yeh, I’m from New Joisey” as chemical-laced snow fell on their heads.

    That, and the fact that there is a town call Piss-kataway … says it all.

  6. It’s quite possible that New Jersey (the Garden State, which you must admit is a great nickname), does not deserve all the scorn and sarcasm we heap on it. My entire contact with NJ consists of landing in the Newark airport and cowering under a table while gangs of leather-clad guys roamed the hallways. So what do I know? I pretty much grew up next door to Mississppi.

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