Don’t Worry Baby…Ain’t Nothin’ New

A short interchange with Jeff Watson today about music reminded me of how much I’m missing by listening to NPR all the time. 

My all-time favorite singer/musician is Bonnie Raitt, and I like her even better these days because she is a) my age, and b) still rocks.  She’s living proof that you can be 60 and still be sexy.  I found a great video of her at this year’s New Orleans Jazzfest, which is almost enough to convince me to go back to Jazzfest, except for the claustrophobia part.  (Been there, done that.  If you haven’t been, go first to see what I mean.)

Unfortunately that video must have been done on someone’s cell phone.  It skips.  This one is even better.  And don’t worry, baby, ain’t nothin’ new–that’s just love sneakin’ up on you. 


2 responses to “Don’t Worry Baby…Ain’t Nothin’ New

  1. Unintentionally, Fakename thinks she is sneaking up on someone. Or he sneaked up on her. Now that would be bad. It is supposed to be a Fakename choice. Don’t try to guess…you don’t know him.
    Fakename is off balance.<—–Hates it when people rattle her.

  2. …thinking about things we ain’t done yet. Is that a great line or what? Imagination is the perfect ingredient.

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