Merry Christmas…Or Not

I have serious issues with Christmas.  Probably  because I’m not a Christian.  I have difficulty with the idea of celebrating the imaginary birthday of a probably imaginary person. 

I’m also not into any other g0ds.   I’m not into alternatives.


10 responses to “Merry Christmas…Or Not

  1. Whatever reason folks use to get together, it’s nice to do so. I could do without the religious trappings myself (big surprise, I’m sure) but I enjoy the company and the food.

    We could build a bonfire and jump over it to celebrate the solstice instead, you and I!

    As you can imagine, the DH and I are totally worn out after a day spent with six kids, one dog, and nine other adults. However I’m told that there is video of the DH racing the kids in their new little electric cars – he using his sister’s MIL’s electric wheelchair.

  2. That’s why there is Festivus for the Rest of Us!

    The only Christmas Tradition of the Humbert Family is to order Chinese Food. If you google the question, “Who Eats Chinese Food On Christmas?” you may understand…. 😉

  3. I did Google the question, and it gave me several other suggestions too 🙂 You could, for example, go to Atlantic City!

  4. Fakename sees that she was attacked by the typing demon yesterday but it’s all fixed now. Fakename also wonders if it wouldn’t be too presumptous to ask Rocky if he has seen the video “Chinese Food on Christmas”? She means it only in the very best spirit.
    Fakesister: Fakename is all for the bonfire, it’s the jumping over it part that has her worried.

    • To be honest, I was entirely unaware of this cultural phenomenon until very recently.

      There were no Chinese restaurants in the obscure semi-Arctic town where I grew up — and even the town’s (only) all-night coffee/donut store closed on Christmas Eve.

      I watched that video and chuckled…..While it’s obviously a caricature — I always think it’s important to be able to laugh at oneself…

  5. Fakename would like to explain her irrational fear of jumping over fires. Many, many years ago, Fakename was sitting in the floor, in a circle with many other friends. We were either doing something illegal or spiritually uplifting, or perhaps both. Then her cat jumped over the candle. Fortunately he was okay, but it singed off all the hair on his belly, and the smell drove us out of the room.

  6. Rocky: Fakename is grateful that you took the video in the spirit she intended. She is very big on the ability to laugh at oneself. She is also NOT big on making fun of people for their religious beliefs. She reserves that for people’s political beliefs.

  7. Drat my comment didn’t get posted. What I said was, we can use those (ugly) LED fake candles for our bonfire.

    Besides, Fakesister is not into either the high jump nor the long jump these days, what with the surgically repaired knees and feet.

  8. I applaud any holiday, regardless of why it is a holiday.

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