Christmas Songs..and Conservatives

Fakename has now officially crossed over into strange territory.  But that’s how her mind works.  Seemingly unrelated topics make perfect sense to her.

Thank God Christmas is over, since now maybe there will be something else on the radio.  If I hear the phrase “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” one more time I’m afraid I will not be able to control myself.

Recently I said that my favorite Christmas song ever was “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.  What was I thinking?  I have this friend named Chris on Facebook (and IRL), and I use that term “friend” advisedly.  I adore him, because I respect him tremendously.  He’s incredibly bright, incredibly!  Totally competent in his field, maybe the best there is with the exception of his boss whom I’m not sure surpasses him but is merely his equal.  He’s a tough guy too…it’s impossible to intimidate him.  There is a gentle side to him too though, he loves his kids fiercely.  Also he is funny and playful.  So (you may be thinking) what’s not to like?   Well, he is an absolutely rabid conservative.   To the point where, IMHO, he loses all perspective and his intelligence flies out the window. 

So as you might imagine, we have a few dust-ups on Facebook.  We will therefore remain “friends” until he kicks me off 🙂  But today he posted a brief comment that reminded me of the best Christmas song ever. 

Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy


10 responses to “Christmas Songs..and Conservatives

  1. Right after I read this, we watched “Cowboy Flavor” on RFD-TV and the next program was some sort of musical revue where the first song started “Chestnuts roasting …” Ergo, I submit that you are not safe yet!

  2. While I don’t care too much for the “chestnuts” song, I do love chestnuts. Had them regularly when I lived in the Philippines, but Susie never had them until we were in Hong Kong in ’95 and I bought some from a street vendor. Maybe roasted chestnuts are a “northern thang.”

  3. Dunno, spencercourt–I have personally never eaten a chestnut, even though I had a chestnut tree in my back yard when I lived in Virginia. One of the few surviving chestnut trees in this country, as I understand it.

  4. I’ve made dressing with chestnuts, bottled. Originally from France, I believe. It wasn’t so spectacular that I’ve been tempted to do it again. I suppose I should try roasting some sometime, just to see what all the fuss is about.

  5. I gave thanks at Thanksgiving with my kids for Charlie Weis leaving Notre Dame cause I was pretty sure Urbie would take his dream job if it came a calling. (Apparently it didn’t)

    Well I again gave thanks at Christmas for the Gates loss to Bama with hopes that Urbie would not be able to handle it, he is so delicate you know.

    See there is a reason that conservatives love Christmas, it is indeed a time that magic happens.

    Low and behold a Christmas miracle has indeed occurred. Urbie has realized coaching for more than 5 years in one place requires fortitude beyond his capacity.

    “Deck the halls with bows of folly”
    Fa la la la laaaaaaa

  6. And now breaking news, pt…”Urbie” has changed his mind…

  7. Tis The season to be Jolly ………….

    Once the Genie is out of the bottle………….

    Anyway I will go to the Gator Bowl and send Bobby off and celebrate a new vibrant FSU coaching staff for 2010 while the Gates try to explain to their recruits who the head coach will be, who the Defensive Coordinator will be and what type of systems they will have………

    It’s still Christmas magic for us:)

    I bet you can pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged at Books A Million

    Stay Warm

  8. > I bet you can pick up a copy of Atlas Shrugged at > Books A Million

    Assuming sh’es not going to take advantage of my taxpayer dollar by checking it out of the library, thereby unfairly undermining the private sector, I’m sure it is available cheap at

  9. If Fakename were to buy a book, it certainly would not be one by Ayn Rand. But if I did buy Atlas Shrugged at, do you think they would also cut the number of pages in half from 1001 to 500 1/2?
    You conservative/anarchist/oligarchists do so amuse me.

  10. “You conservative/anarchist/oligarchists do so amuse me.”

    It’s what I live for:)

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