Another Peaceful Sunday

Relatively speaking.  The cat spent part of her morning cleaning out the inside of the girl dog’s ears (gag), and the two boy dogs spent some time trying to pee on the neighbor’s Rottweiler through the chain link fence.  The Rottweiler tried to return the favor. 

Later in the afternoon, the cat got mad at the smallest boy dog and tried to kill him.  It’s never clear how these things (which fortunately are infrequent) get started, but it’s very clear that she isn’t just kidding.  She’s at a bit of of a size disadvantage, but she has the advantage of stealth and of the fact that the dog seems to have a hard time taking her seriously.  Her primary techniques include standing up on her hind feet and batting his face rapidly while emitting blood-curdling yowls, and biting him in the throat.  I always remain neutral in order to retain all my body parts.  However, I always root for the cat, because if the dog ever DID take her seriously, he could take off her head.    It ended the way it always does:  they both got bored and wandered off in opposite directions. 

Then I finished the latest Janet Evanovich book.  There is no substitute for Janet Evanovich and her Stephanie Plum novels for sheer mindless fun.  Now what shall I do?  I stocked up on reading matter on December 23rd.  The books include Jane Goodall’s latest (“Hope for Animals and Their World”) about efforts to save endangered species from extinction; a book called “God Sleeps in Rwanda”, the true story of a man who escaped the genocide there and went on to return and be elected speaker of the Rwandan Parliament.  I also picked up “The Crying of Lot 49”, by Thomas Pynchon, mainly because he’s one of masteroftheuniverse’s favorite authors.  I’ve read him as well, but it was so long ago I can’t remember a thing about it. And finally, a suspense novel by J.F. Freedman.  So what shall it be?  Well of course, J.F. wins.  I’m not ready to tackle anything important today.

Incidentally, I looked for a copy of anything by Ayn Rand, and every single copy (of which there are many) of every book she ever wrote was checked out, in both print and audio versions.  This is somewhat scary.  I take it back–a single copy of “Anthem” was left on the shelf, but after investigating, decided I was not interested.

So the rest of my day will consist of starting a new book and watching 60 Minutes later on.  However, at the moment we have a Fakename emergency:  I’m out of Pinot Grigio.  Off to the neighborhood liquor store.


5 responses to “Another Peaceful Sunday

  1. “Off to the neighborhood liquor store.”

    You can buy wine and other stuff with a measurable alcohol content on a SUNDAY?

    (Can you tell I live where the blue laws have never totally been repealed?)

  2. Oh my yes, I distinctly recall that harrowing trip I took to visit you, where there was a giant wreck on I-75, and at the end, I never wanted a drink more in my life…and couldn’t get one. Well, at least I couldn’t buy it in a store…I think I could have gone to a restaurant? Is that true? But you came to the rescue with Asti spumanti.
    Memphis had blue laws for many years while I lived there, so you always had to plan ahead 🙂 But even they repealed them. Been so long since I lived anywhere you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday that Georgia was quite a shock to me. It still shocks me. It isn’t like Georgia is a particularly prudish state. At least no more so than Florida 🙂

  3. Another attack by the typing/spelling demon. I believe that’s “spumante”.

  4. Up north…Connecticut and New Jersey still have highly restrictive Sunday blue laws. This only seems fair, since Connecticut is largely responsible for the original blue laws ( In New Jersey, even the malls must close on Sundays (which is why there are a lot of large malls on the NY side of the NY/NJ border.)

    New York is a bit strange. Beer is sold in supermarkets, but not wine or hard liquor. They require the liquor stores to close on one day each week. But the State doesn’t specify the day. Hence some liquor stores are closed on Mondays; others are closed on Thursdays, and so on.

  5. Fakename is shocked again, since she certainly thought that at least New Jersey would be immune from such nonsense. But she is shocked at Connecticut too. Please tell her that New Hampshire and Vermont are sane? Also, she read the Wiki article and finds that she fits in more than one of the categories targeted by the Blue Laws, but she has never repaired a wagon wheel on Sunday.
    Seriously laughing about the “one day per week” rule. You could just make a schedule…

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