Salons With Judith

It was Judith’s friend Marguerite who designated our occasional Friday evening get-togethers as a salon.  It couldn’t be more fitting.  Judith is the solonierre.  Sometimes other people join us, and everyone is welcome.  Okay, I take that back.  Not everyone is welcome. 

It’s like this is the place where we debate our similar but not-quite identical opinions, in a place where it’s safe to do so.  This is where we say to each other, what in the hell is wrong with the Democrats?  (Which we all are.)  We debate it in the spirit of, Where are we going wrong?  Therefore, no Republicans or conservatives are allowed, because we aren’t into being bashed. 

Speaking of  bashing, we are all women of a certain age, as they say.  We have issues.  But those issues are not with men; there is no male-bashing during our salons.  We are women who get together and talk about almost everything but we don’t talk much about men (much).  Marguerite is married, Judith is many times divorced, I’m single (okay, technically, divorced but I don’t look at it that way).

We talk about what we read.  What we’ve been thinking about.  What we heard on NPR (nobody listens to it but me), what’s on the New York Times or the Huffington Post.  Why we hate broccoli.  The things we like about dogs and/or cats.  I spent half the evening on the deck, sheltering Judith’s sister’s Chihuahua under my jacket from the “cold” (65 degrees or so).  You are wrong!, said Marguerite.  You are rewarding this dog who just jumped up on the table and tried to eat our ham!  I think she walked on our plates!  Oh well, lol.  She is a dog.  Who weighs 3 pounds.  She is shivering.  I think I’ll get over it. 

What is important, what is not?  When you sit on Judith’s back deck, and there is a three-quarter moon, and the stars are peeking through the oak limbs, and the bullfrogs on the pond behind her house are having a record singing season (is it mating time?) and you have a little bite-sized dog clinging to you for warmth, how does it get better than that?


3 responses to “Salons With Judith

  1. masteroftheuniverse

    We used to have a salon that met every other Friday. It was equally represented between conservative and liberal, females outnumbering males by 2 to 1. Our common interest was art, music, literature and good wine. Somehow, everyone wanted to hang at our house, and cramming in 15 people was pretty tough, but we did it. We debated in the spirit of Franklin and did not allow drunkenness or boorish behavior. It was quite a civilized group, but we all fell away after Denise died. Actually, it’s my fault as it got tiring having parties twice a month until 3 months before she died. Good to hear that you attend a salon, they can be very cathartic in a way.

  2. Fakename: I’m confused. At your salon, how can anyone be heard over the noise?


  3. Jeff: I wish I had known Denise, and known you then.
    Rocky: I thought you meant the noise of the bullfrogs. They can be fierce competition. Now if you want to talk about hair dryers, I can go there too. As long as we’re doing a comparative study of medieval instruments of torture.

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