Miscellaneous Musings: March 20, 2010

Reading with Fakename:  I am now reading “Julie and Julia”, which was a little slow at the beginning but is getting funnier by the page.  I would have liked to see the movie, and may yet do so.  I can sometimes see a movie after reading the book, but I can never go in the opposite direction, i.e., see the movie first.  I’m now at a section where Julie is learning to cook omelets per Julia’s instructions.  As far as I can tell, there is nothing political about this book, unless you want to count Julia Child having worked for the OSS, and it would be a big stretch to make an issue out of that.  But speaking of political…

Facebook, Comment #1:  One of my friends posted a link to something called the Nolan Chart survey, which is shamelessly Libertarian.  However, the survey itself was surprisingly thoughtful.  My score was “centrist”–no surprise there–but leaning in a conservative direction.  There you have it.  No survey is foolproof.  It’s either wrong, or…I don’t know myself as well as I think I do.  I still have to say that it was much better than surveys which claim to predict your personality based on your astrological sign. 

Public Radio:  I am a rabid fan of NPR, and last week, I did my third stint of answering the phones during the Spring pledge drive.  I absolutely love doing it, and I’m not sure exactly why.  But there is a sort of competitiveness (for example, in a two hour shift, in five phone calls, I brought in $800), mixed with a sort of pleasure at brief connections with people who are doing a good thing, mixed with recognition.  The volunteer coordinator said, You have great customer service!  (I said, I’ve had a lot of practice—so maybe that’s the thing.  My usual calls are to curse me out.)  But I have a technique, which boils down to, establish a rapport first…which you have about 5 seconds to do.  Never ask how much they’re pledging right off the bat.   I have a theory that if the donor likes you, they give more.  But before I preen too much, it has a lot to do with who’s on the air at the time, and my phone answering group had two great people who were sharp, funny, and well-known in the community.  In short, it was fun.  But speaking of brief connections, that brings me to…

Facebook Comment #2:  I guess I have arrived, since I’ve now been unfriended by someone.  (Who knew that “unfriend” would ever become a word?)  Being unfriended actually hurt my feelings more than I would have suspected.  I’m mystified and sad about it to an extent.  Just not enough to actually pretend be a different person. 

The Florida Wine Festival:  It could have been better, but it’s rude to criticize when you got free tickets.  I took my friend Judith, who doesn’t get out of the house much–not that I do either, although she has a better excuse–but what did us in in the end was the weather.  By the time we left it was in the low 60’s, which means, in Florida, that you need a parka and a campfire. 

Cats:  Cats and dogs are fairly predictable.  Cats, I’d say, are a little less predictable.  Anyone who has ever owned a cat and seen it jump a foot in the air from a four-footed standstill, then land and go skittering down the hallway after a possible dust mote would have to agree.  My cat has always been fond of fishing from the water bowl she shares with the dogs.  This requires her to drop things into the bowl so she can fish them out.  Lately she has escalated this behavior, but she gets bored easily, and I find myself having to fish things out of the waterbowl that she has abandoned.  Random pieces of bubble wrap (where did that come from?) for example.  You can’t just leave the things in there, because the dogs consider the water bowl to have been contaminated by alien dragons, and would die of thirst before they ever drank a drop from it again.  Never mind that they are perfectly happy to drink from any muddy rain puddle in the yard, coated with mosquito larvae on top and possibly containing a dead baby bird on the bottom. 

In seeking a way to summarize here, I find there is no way to do it.  These are merely topics that have grabbed my attention and tell you only things about me.  I’m not able to extrapolate into some broad theory of life and how it should be lived.  There is way too much of that going around in my opinion.  If I could be so arrogant as to have a theory, my advice would be:  Have fun.  Develop the ability to find delight in the simplest of everyday things.  Be amused. 


10 responses to “Miscellaneous Musings: March 20, 2010

  1. I read Julie and Julia after seeing the movie. It is funny. My wife is taking it with her for hospital reading. The movie was much more focused on giving Streep a”tour de force” but was still good in a different way. Worth seeing imho.

  2. Best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery to your wife…
    I’ll probably see the movie if I get the chance. I remember when they were making it there was talk about whether Streep could pull it off, since she is short and Julia Child was 6’2″. I personally love Meryl Streep, I think she is a true acting genius.

  3. > shamelessly Libertarian

    There is no shame in being a Libertarian! lol!

    Free tickets to the Wine Festival? I did not know you were so well connected! Keep this up and I’ll nominate you to the Tallahassee Oligarchy Society! 😉

    As for being “unfriended” on FB, I suspect it was not a “close” friend but probably more of an acquaintance – perhaps a friend of a friend.
    I have my share of those and if they unfriended me I’d not be upset.

  4. We agree totally on Meryl Streep…… and yes she pulled it off with her usual aplomb. I think she is the best total actress I have ever seen.

    I listened to Julia Child speak on NPR’s National Press Club and was pleasantly surprised at her dexterity on her verbal feet. She was quite entertaining. (1992 maybe)

    I have to laugh a bit at “Florida Wine.” Although I take great pride in most things Florida, wine is not among them.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  5. Rofl @ “Tallahassee Oligarchy Society”!
    I too have to laugh a bit at “Florida wine”. One table was serving Kendall-Jackson–that’s funny, I had no idea there was a Sonoma Valley in Florida.
    As for Libertarians, I have to admire the “live and let live” attitude, but they have their share of wackos, e.g., Ron Paul. Every time I hear him speak, I start out thinking he’s making a lot of sense, then suddenly he boards a spaceship and is off to make contact with the alien race of the planet Wysiwyg.

  6. Being ‘unfriended’ can be disheartening, I have had it happen to me, all because I mentioned my political leanings , I wrote to one person asking why she ‘unfriended’ me , the response was that she vilified me to the extent I wondered if that particular person had a few problems in realising political leanings do not necessarily make the person who he or she is .

    Cats and dogs sharing water bowls, I always had to have separate bowls as my cats thought my dog was a carrier of evil organisms and refused to drink out of her bowl….they would use the toilet instead….eeerrrch !! interestingly my dog never drank out of the cats bowl either……

    I am reading a rather sad book called wildflower
    it has to be one of the most heart wrenching stories about love …….for a ‘philandering husband and a beautiful lake…..

  7. Alix, you were brave to ask, and I think that shows great strength and humility on your part. In my case, I don’t have to ask, I pretty much know why, even though I don’t understand it. I think political leanings do say quite a bit about a person, but you are absolutely right that they don’t say everything. If you see above, the comments by ptfan1, he and I pretty much disagree on everything political–but we like the same kinds of books and movies, and there is a great deal about him to admire and respect: his devotion to his family, for one, and his genuine love for our country, even if we disagree on how to make it better or what direction to take. I admit that it’s a struggle sometimes, but if we could all just stop categorizing people who disagree with us as monsters, and as you say, vilifying them…well then, I guess we would be living in Fakename’s Utopia 🙂
    I am definitely going to get that book. My sister also just finished a book that intrigues me, called “Mistress of the Vatican”.

  8. Ya know what riddles of the universe puzzle me? I’ve spent time in SW Florida, quite a lot of time, and the only time I saw surfers was when there were hurricanes. Skimboards yes, the surf is perfect for kiddies to skim at the shore, but grown ups go to the other coast to surf.

  9. Fakename grins at ptfan1 🙂 She gets the reference.

  10. Alix, I was cruising through some previous blogs and rediscovered your comment. I believe that you and I disagree polilically, but there is so much more to you that I would be deprived of it you were not my friend. Most of my friends are people who agree with my point of view (some, almost too much), and I very much appreciate those who don’t. It’s the only way to learn and grow. Even if I keep my same opinion, it forces me to examine my opinion more deeply.

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