Dissecting Facebook Friends

Well, not exactly…not in the sense of Biology 101 and frogs. 

First, a few general words about Facebook.  It’s the premier social networking site, with more than 400 million active users worldwide (per Facebook itself, but there is little reason to doubt them.)   Check out Facebook Statistics.

By the time I joined, I’d had three invitations to do so and had resisted it.  I thought it was a silly idea and anyway, who has the time?  As it turns out, the comments range from silly to deadly serious and everywhere in between.  Since that would also describe me perfectly, I love it. 

According to the aforementioned statistics, the average user has 130 friends.  I have 36.  And of those 36, 4 are people I’ve never met.  Three were friends of friends, and one I “met” here on WordPress. 

Three of them live in other countries.  Eight of them live in Florida, and 29 live in another state.  Of the eight who live in Florida, five are here in Tallahassee.  Two of the others live in Miami, the other in Fort Lauderdale. 

Twenty-two of them are women and 14 are men.  (Who knew that Fakename could find 14 men willing to be her friend, even if it’s on the Internet–or the other way around?)  Sixteen of them are people I went to high school with, and man, have we ever turned out differently from one another!    Three of them I’ve never heard a peep out of after becoming their friends.

Two of them have had cancer.  Three of them are related to me.  All very curious stuff. 

As for subject matter, my friend RPB (one of those I know personally) today asked, What was the first concert you ever attended?  Oh sure, I’ll play that!  Simon and Garfunkel!  Circa late 1967 or early 1968.

Then there is my friend CS (another one I know personally).  Since the passage of the health care bill, he’s changed his profile photo to the famous poster of President Obama as The Joker, with the word “Socialism” underneath the photo: 

CS posts things like “Give me liberty or give me death”. 

Friend RPB recently posted a message agreeing with one of her friends who said that Facebook should be a place to connect with friends and play games, and that it should not become a political platform.  Within 24 hours RPB posted a rant about the underhandedness of UPS, which is trying to get a government “bailout”–if that occurs, it will in reality just give them an unfair advantage over FedEx, which won its Number One position fair and square.  Oops!  said RPB.  I forgot I wasn’t supposed to mention politics!  I couldn’t help myself, she said!  

Fakename hears you!  Neither can the rest of us.  Fakename has to smile.


2 responses to “Dissecting Facebook Friends

  1. Since being “coerced” into joining FB, I’ve realized why I never wanted to join to begin with.

    I just ‘scan” it quickly to see if there’s anything “interesting” going on with my high school group. I’m not even on every day. More like every 2-3 days.

  2. I fail to see how you can be “coerced” into joining FB 🙂 I must say that I don’t see you as a FB kind of person, by which I mean you are more serious. FB is definitely frivolous most of the time, and I am far sillier than you are. I do appreciate your having joined, since I got to be “friends” with your friend or acquaintance Sil. That’s why they call it social networking 🙂

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