Sunday Musings: March 28th, 2010

I always hate seeing Sunday come to a close, because it’s my last chance  to think, and also to be calm.  Because it’s pretty much guaranteed that by 7:00 A.M. tomorrow I will be pissed off about something or at someone.  Such is my life.  The thing that makes the sadness of Sunday bearable is that 60 Minutes is on TV…unless it’s pre-empted by the NCAA, in which case I will have to whine even more than I have in the last two weeks about CBS.  Hello…CSI has not been on for two weeks.  Hello again.  Check your ratings.  CSI has…how many million viewers?  And basketball has…?  I rest my case. 

Meanwhile, it’s definitely Spring.  I went outside today to make my usual Sunday foray to the neighborhood liquor store, and both cars were covered with a yellow blanket of pine pollen.  Seriously.  It was spectacular.  Especially if yellow is your favorite color.  Note the plural of “car”.  Yes, the dead Camaro is still resting in the driveway.  I really need to do something about that.  I’ll just add that to my List.  My List is like a line to get tickets to the next Britney Spears concert…you can never find the end of it.  I do realize that Britney is not quite the draw she once was.  These days you would go only hoping that she falls off the stage or has a wardrobe malfunction.  But you get my point…the line is long, whatever the reason may be. 

Meanwhile, I’m reading a new book, Rebel Yell, by Alice Randall, which will no doubt be fodder for next week’s blogs.  And did I mention, it’s finally Spring?  It’s warm! 

Back to the liquor store…I had a craving for Bailey’s.  Sunday night doesn’t get much better than 60 Minutes and Bailey’s.  Until next weekend…


9 responses to “Sunday Musings: March 28th, 2010

  1. I hate seeing Sunday come to a close too. Mondays are terrible for me, and there isn’t enough Bailey’s in the world to make Monday’s bearable.

  2. You just are not drinking enough Bailey’s apparently. Me neither. I’m mad already that tomorrow iw Monday.

  3. From your typing, you need to put the Bailey’s away already. 🙂

  4. I have tried twice to make a snide comment re Bailey’s and typing – I give up. Stymied by WordPress.

  5. “Yes, the dead Camaro is still resting in the driveway. ”

    Aha:) Thats one step closer to faghtin fer yur rats.

  6. > CSI has…how many million viewers?

    Susie and I regularly watched the Vegas version. But then we became hooked on NCIS.

  7. spencercourt…CSI is on Thursday. NCIS is Tuesday. You can do both, unless you have some kind of quota 🙂
    I like NCIS also, which has a lot to do with Mark Harmon…

    • I watch it on Mondays on USA, I think it is. Back-to- back “reruns” for a good three hours or more.

      Thursdays is probably the “new” episodes on the network channel.

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