Sunday Wrapup

So Friday night, I visited with my friend Judith and her sister Jill, and her friend Marguerite, and here’s one of the topics that came up:  cutting down ten of the twenty-five live oaks in the Los Robles neighborhood.  There had been an article in the newspaper that day about it. 

First you have to grasp that Tallahassee is very fond of its live oaks.  It’s like our signature.  And it’s a good one.  But recently in Los Robles, a huge limb fell from one of their oaks in an area the neighbors had only recently vacated after a Halloween party.  The City cut the tree down, and found it was hollow inside.  Then the City sent in a private arborist and the public forester to evaluate the remaining oaks.  Their conclusion:  ten of the trees were likely in the same shape and pose a danger. 

The neighborhood is in an uproar.  They say if the City is going to come in and take their trees, they insist the City go evaluate every other neighborhood’s trees as well.  In other words, they are being picked on.  Fakename says, What?  What part of “Trees don’t live forever” do you not understand?  Fakename guesses that we will have to wait for a tree to fall on John Smith, at which point the neighbors will be asking why the City didn’t remove the trees when they knew they were dangerous.  But not really.  Because the reality is that now that the City knows they are dangerous (no more peeking through your fingers and pretending it’s okay because you don’t know about it), those trees are coming down. The City says, according to the newspaper article, that nothing will happen without the buy-in of the neighborhood.  Right.  Los Robles…say goodbye to your dead trees. 

I kind of think this is a great example on a small local scale of the government intrusion argument.  It’s what government is for.  Of course an argument could also be made for the Darwinian solution.  Not surprisingly, Fakename’s friends agree with her (I guess that’s why they are her friends).  None of us will ever be card-carrying members of the Green Party, because we still have some skepticism.

I almost didn’t make it to this wrapup, because this weekend, I’ve been reading.  Last weekend I mentioned that I reconnected with a friend who is a college professor.  He’s written a book, as yet unpublished, and is sharing it with me, chapter by chapter.  I can’t share anything about it, except to say that I’m completely humbled by his willingness to share it with me.  Although I hate to use this word, I think of it as sort of a sacred trust.  And it’s good.  Very good.

3 responses to “Sunday Wrapup

  1. I think every tree along Meridian from John Know to past I-10 needs to checked out. I believe they are all
    rotting from the beetles I left at each one. Once those trees come down, we can four lane Meridian, so I don’t have to wait for 60+ cars (yes, I counted) to pass by before I can finally turn onto the road during the week.

  2. Sabotage? And do oaks even have beetles? I think you are thinking of pines 🙂
    I had a lively discussion this week with a city employee Who Shall Remain Nameless about this issue. He said he could understand the Los Robles people because you get attached to your trees. I told him I love trees, except for dead ones that might kill me. I can’t get into the concept of killing a good one because it might make my morning commute faster 🙂 I mean, I live where I do partly because I love the trees!

  3. Ah, trees. There was a huge uproar not so long ago when the State cut back the trees along GA400 “to make it safer”. Seems a lot of folks got hurt running into them. So give ’em a Darwin award and let the safe drivers go their merry (scenic) way!

    And speaking of pine bark beetles – they’re here. This will not be an inexpensive issue for the Fakesister household. Starting with the crane that will be required to drop many of them safely. We shall start with the ones closest to the house and do several each year (5 for sure this year, maybe more, depending upon funds since we also have to re-roof the house).

    And we shall work on the otherwise really nice neighbor who is unconcerned about his collection of infested and/or already dead pines. He’d be happy for US to take them down but whatever damage they do to our house by falling “naturally” will be our insurance and our problem and quite possible our lives.

    We will also need to clear pines out from the back where ours will ultimately threaten that neighbor’s house. That batch do not show signs of infestation yet so we have a breather there.

    Ain’t home ownership wonderful?

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