Saturday Snippets

Today I am shamelessly stealing a format from Davis Whiteman (see Davis W on my blogroll to the right).  Davis has outdone himself this week in the irreverent and funny category, and what I want to know is, How does he get away with it?  I say similar things and I have virtual Klan members and Tea Partiers burning virtual crosses on my virtual lawn. 

In any case , Davis saves his snippets for Monday, so I’m getting the drop on him so to speak. 

  • Speaking of snippets, that reminds me of “sniglets” (definition:  words that should be in the dictionary but aren’t).  I once made one up:  Autoamnesia.  Definition:  the inability to remember where you parked your car. 
  • Speaking of language,one of the New York Times’ crossword puzzles  this week had one of the best clues ever.  The clue is “crushed corn creation”.  Ten letters.  I’ll even be nicer to you than they are to us.  It’s two words.  Starts with “C”. 
  • Facebook has provided a wealth of interesting material this week, ranging from concerns about the Gulf oil spill (me), the danger posed by men with weed-eaters (me), to finally being successful at replacing the liner in your above-ground pool.  Thank God.  That was such a nail-biter.  To be fair, there was also a lively discussion about the merits of eating sushi, and a photograph of a Hooter’s sign which read “Cab legs–$8.99”.
  • Speaking of Facebook, I am in the initial stages of forming a Group, which will be a book club.  We have four members already in our unofficial alliance.  The real book club is a real book club in Alexandria Virginia, so we have a ready-made reading list.  I’m on Month #2 of my long-distance participation, and the book we’re currently reading sucks, so once I get it going, I’d advise you not to join. 
  • Speaking of men with weed-eaters, I had a great conversation this morning with weed-eater guy, who grew up in my neighborhood when there were only two houses here–his parents’ and one other.  Fourteen miles of woods all the way to the Georgia border.  He is that great combination of North Florida contradictions:  beer-drinking (he called his sister to deliver some to him as he was about to finish working), ex-biker (two friends dying on motorcycles apparently cured him), long-haired, redneck, blue collar…environmentalist.  He was incensed by the destruction of the woodlands and the Indian mounds in our neighborhood, and was completely knowledgeable about our fight against Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart’s impact in neighboring communities.  Moral to the story:  Never judge a book by its cover. 

4 responses to “Saturday Snippets

  1. Please add a snippet for me, with picture, of the arachnid on my bathroom mirror. I’m sure there’s nothing much for a large spider to eat in my house so it would have been much better off outside (as in still among the living). I, on the other hand, am still very shaky a day later and spooking at shadows. For perfectly good historical reasons, it’s true, but not terribly rational nonetheless.

  2. Deserves its own snippet. Stay tuned.

  3. Fakename's book club sister

    Dear Fakename, now that the last 2 books have been much better choices, what do you think about joining/staying in the club? If anything, it’s worth it for the very long list of recommended books. Apparently, the club has been going for 5 years. We are reading from the 2010 & then the upcoming 2011 book picks. The books with no dates beside them apparently have been read over the past 5 years. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming books for 2012 will be; hopefully, paper back or in the library! I haven’t liked all of the books, but have learned a lot, and enjoy the conversations among members. I would have never heard of William Trevor, and think that acquainting myself with at least one of his books was a good educational experience, especially since he is so renowned in Ireland & the British Isles. I am still “haunted” by some of the scenes in the book, especially when describing the farms, the country roads, and the old, deteriorating mansion and grounds in the fog. I,for one(or maybe 2), liked A Prayer For Owen Meany. But, I, after starting another John Irving book with Phillips Exeter School as the setting, was bored with it. I’m so glad that I found The Elegance Of The Hedgehog & The Memory Keeper through the club. The other members are keepers as great friends!

  4. Oh, even though we only have 2 or 3 books left for the year, I never imagined leaving!

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