Here’s Why I Get Mad at Men

In general.  I’ve been cautioned about generalizing more than once.  Oddly enough, the people who tell me not to generalize are all men.  Disclaimer:  there are a lot of men I like.  You just aren’t going to appear in this post. 

I’ve had a bad week in the men department.  At the heart of the issue is that I, and therefore my boss, report to a guy whose name appears in the dictionary next to “Napoleon complex”.  He is short, but drives a honking big Ford F-150 pickup truck.  With a gun rack.  I totally rest my case. 

The difficult part is…this guy has my number.  He knows I’m chafing at the bit to kick his ass, but he knows I can’t.  So he takes great pleasure in torturing me…only verbally of course.  So this week, we had a conversation in which he told me I was incompetent for the gillionth time and I just said, “No.  You’re wrong”.  I had had it.  And just in case you think this was over a critical operational issue, it was over a door handle.  I am not kidding.  It of course was not about the door handle, really. 

Then my boss comes into town.  Also a man, who wants to know why I can’t just take it. He says I know how this guy is, so why can’t I just take his admittedly clumsy and stupid attempts to control me and make himself look powerful?  I said, “Because”. 

So my boss meets with Napoleon, who says, “I like Fakename, why doesn’t she like me?’  How pathetic is that?  In some alternate universe, you get to treat a woman like dirt, and she adores you anyway. 

Just to put the icing on the cake, I was driving to my friend Judith’s house on Friday night and happened to hear this interview on NPR with gospel star Kirk Franklin, who has the nerve to pretend to be an expert on relationships.  In the interview, he says that a woman’s role is to treat her man like a king.  The interviewer says, So how should a man treat a woman?

Er, Um, he says.  A woman should be treated…um well, otherwise, she won’t have the energy to treat you like a king.  I’m the man, he says.  I’m the head.  Be sick along with me:

I rest my case again.  If you have to make yourself look good at someone else’s expense;  if you can only be on top by pushing someone else down you are not a man by my definition.


5 responses to “Here’s Why I Get Mad at Men

  1. The jury finds unanimously in Fakename’s favor!

  2. As one of the men who does not appear in this story, Fakename appreciates your service on the jury!

  3. I have always thought team building an essential component in management and organizational fluidity. I have been through many different sessions and many of them are sleepers (yawn) but there are some good ones too. Also a personal coach is not a bad idea. I have a recommendation for you, someone I used personally and professionally. You will be surprised if you talk to her.

    Its not always about gender ya know.

  4. No it isn’t always about gender…just in this particular post 🙂 I’ve certainly seen instances where Napoleon has treated my boss the same way, but it doesn’t bother him as much. I don’t spend any more time than necessary with Napoleon, but my boss tells me that he acts the same way toward waitresses and ball girls on the golf course…in other words, anyone who can’t fight back, more so if they are female.
    Interesting website and idea. Thanks for it.

  5. You’re welcome. You can use my name:) Some of the comments from her testimonials are from my referrals.

    I like Deb a lot, but as I said, you will be surprised. She is unique:)

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