Sunday Wrapup for June 27th

These are kind of the bits and pieces that don’t really deserve a full-blown blog of their own, or else, they DO deserve a blog of their own, but I’m too lazy to do it.  I’ll at least categorize them into the most common Fakename topics, beginning with:

Politics.  The big news this week was the President firing General Stanley McChrystal as the top commander in Afghanistan.  The big question is, What took you so long?  If there is anyone out there who thinks the President had another choice, please step up to the plate.  McChrystal had been walking on thin ice ever since his interview with 60 Minutes some months ago.  The day I saw on the Internet at work that McChrystal was being recalled to Washington to account for himself, and not having read the article, I said to my 24-year old Assistant Manager, looks like he said something bad about Obama.  And AM said, “I thought this was a free country”.  I said, “In the military?”  Then I said, “Let me rephrase that.  We do have free speech, and you can say anything you like, it’s just that there are consequences. For instance, you can say anything you like about me, it’s just that you may not have a job afterwards.”  He said, “You make a good point”.  I love this guy.  He learns fast. 

Facebook.  It seems to take a certain mentality to like it, and whatever that mentality is, I seem to have it.  I have few “friends”…hold on, I’m checking, okay 45.  As opposed to others who have hundreds of “friends”.  I think of those people as being like collectors.  It’s a competition to them to have the most “friends”.  They are friends of friends of friends they don’t know.  Wow…that is…empty.  With five exceptions (I had to look again), I know everyone else personally.  But the five exceptions enrich my life greatly.  I’m quite serious about that…they perk me up. 

Generally, I blog on weekends and do Facebook posts on weekdays.  Facebook is good practice for blogging actually.  Facebook posts are confined to 420 characters, which forces you to get to the point, somthing Fakename has to continually remind herself to do.  On Facebook, there are no flowery sunsets.  Although, you can post a picture of one. 

Fakename’s Animal Planet.  It’s been a while since Fakename posted any profiles of exotic species, and the last couple of weeks have been taken up by observations of supposedly domesticated species, i.e., dogs.  Under the subheading “environmentalism”, Fakename is a member of the Board of a local environmental group which had its “monthly” (depending on how many people are too busy) meeting last Tuesday.  On the agenda:  our website, and suggestions for its content.  For FOREVER, this is an eternal conversation.  Long ago, Fakename volunteered to do a monthly “highlight” of a species that lives on our lake, and there are many.  This time, Fakename concentrated on not rolling her eyes and kept quiet.  She is trying to come up with an acceptable reason for resigning from this useless organization without offending anyone.  So far…no success.  I do have limits…I’m not willing to fake (or get) a terminal illness, for example.

Work.  It occurred to Fakename today that she is very, very busy. First and foremost there is work, and I love my work for many reasons.  Probably because I’m good at it, and there is no one above me here in my city and I have a lot of freedom.  But there is a downside to that too…the completely unreasonable people insist on talking to me personally.  (Why don’t I get the people who want to tell me what a good job I and my employees are doing?)  The even bigger downside is that if you make a mistake in judgement due to all that freedom you have, there is no one to share the blame.  (See:  Stanley McChrystal.)

Being here has been good for me.  I am pretty good at making social connections, and I’m even better now.  But I am still a rebel.  I will not be abused, nor will I let my employees be abused.  That whole “the customer is always right” thing is total bullshit.  Case in point:  my aforementioned AM was berated by a customer last week, and someone from their office called me the next day.  And I said, well neither you nor I were there, but I gather there was hostility on both sides.  That was all it took…she said, “I have no doubt of that”.  When I described the conversation to the AM, I said, I wanted you to know that I did not apologize for you, because I did not think it was warranted.  You would have to see the look on his face, he was shocked.  He’s a recent college graduate, with a double major in business and hospitality.  Welcome to the real world, Sweetheart, where not everything they taught you in college applies.  I may be arrogant in some people’s opinion, but you should be glad I’m on your side when it counts.

4 responses to “Sunday Wrapup for June 27th

  1. Fakename’s Animal Planet and the board meetings: quit going. You don’t have to give reasons.

  2. Seriously, Fakesister, would it be that easy for you? I can’t do that.

  3. I have about 130 “friends” on FaceBook and I know everyone of them personally, except for about 24. Almost all of them are from my Manila high school.
    You are one of the few who are not from my high school.

  4. You admit that this organization is useless; they are wasting your time; you are not enjoying the association anymore. Why torture yourself any longer? Quit going.

    If anyone notices, you can tell them the truth, which will make them less friends, most likely. Or you can song-and-dance something along the lines of “I don’t have anything useful to contribute”, which isn’t true in reality but is true functionally. Since the organization is dysfunctional.

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