I’m In The Mood For….

…Another Sunday wrapup.

Numerous things have competed for my attention this week.  First, a mini-Reading with Fakename post.  This month my long-distance book club has been reading “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”.  First, I observe that there is a sort of underground railroad for book clubs.  It began to dawn on me when I finally realized that you can never find the current book, even if your library has it.  You have to put it on reserve, because somewhere in your fair city (as the Car Guys say on NPR) some OTHER book club has chosen it too.  And that tells me that if you ever write a book, try to get it on someone’s book club list.  Preferably Oprah’s.  And as a finale…it was a stunning choice.  A book I never would have read otherwise, and I’m still not over it.  The author is a philosophy professor. 

And now…a mini-Fakename’s Animal Planet.  Due to circumstances beyond my control today, I watched TV and happened upon the Discovery Channel’s program “Wild Pacific”, which introduced me to perhaps the strangest animal I’ve ever seen.  This is the kakapo, a flightless parrot of New Zealand.  It’s listed as “critically endangered”…at the time of the program, there were only 91 in existence.  Something about losing an entire species from the earth just distresses me greatly. 

And then…just for a change of pace…while moving about the cabin…I watched an entire hour of the VH1 program “Behind The Music” which was all about…Usher.  If you don’t know who Usher is, you need to get out more. 

One of the things about The Elegance of the Hedgehog is the dichotomy between our intellectual selves and our “animal natures”, which we ignore and resist to no avail.  Without going into great detail, the main character is  very intellectual and basically lives inside her head, but she has a great affinity for a little dog named Neptune, whose main goals in life are to eat the garbage if he can get to it, and hump the next door neighbor’s whippet. 

Pity that we can never apparently reconcile the two facets of our (human) nature, but I’m convinced we can’t.  Sometimes you get in touch with one, then…you lose track of the other one.  If getting in touch with your animal side is your goal, there is nothing better for it than Usher.  I leave you with…Usher…Burn. 


2 responses to “I’m In The Mood For….

  1. Fakename's book club sister

    Dear Fakename, I’ve been catching up on your blogs, and this one is my fav. I love your observations and comments. Did you coin the phrase “underground railroad for book clubs?” Love it! Also, I really enjoyed your comments about the two facets of human nature, always at odds with each other. Kudos to the club member who picked that book! It’s one that I may have missed, if I hadn’t been a member of the group. Highly recommended: The Elegance Of The Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery!!!

  2. I think I will just call you “Barb”, which is shorter and still anonymous, but that way you don’t have to be a Fakeperson too. I did coin the underground railroad phrase. I agree, I certainly would not have read Hedgehog if it hadn’t been for the club, but I’m so glad I did.

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