Sunday Afternoon at the Liquor Store

So I went to buy a bottle of wine, as I often do on Sunday, and the smart-ass young kid at the counter said, “Be sure to hold the bag by the bottom.”  As they always say.  And I know what they mean, having been a victim of the bottle of wine falling out of the bottom of the bag and smashing to smithereens in my driveway.  When I went back to complain, they said they couldn’t help me.  Carry at your own risk. 

Today I was apparently in a more combative mood than usual, so I said in reply, No offense, but you guys use the flimsiest bags on the planet.  Smart-ass guy said, we know that, but our bag supplier is the only one available.  Um, no, I said, ever hear of the Internet?  (Speaking of being a smart-ass.)

So Smart-ass guy says, we know…but if we bought from someone else, then we wouldn’t be supporting local business.  And if I said, if local business can’t give you what you need, then that’s their problem, not yours.  He must be related to the cheapskate owner. 

If they got a supplier of sturdy bags, then their employees would not have to constantly tell people to beware.  Not that I’m sure it matters, since they accept no liability. 

I find myself, in this case, defending the advantages of globalization.

5 responses to “Sunday Afternoon at the Liquor Store

  1. Local has nothing to do with it; they just want the cheapest product possible for something they do not charge for but is reflected in the price and so they must be “competitive.”

    Like those hotels imploring me to be “green” by not having them change the sheets or towels during a multiple-day stay. Before energy costs went up, they didn’t give a rat turd about being green. When I tried to be green anyway by hanging up the towel, they took it and washed it anyway.
    Now, they want to be green…

  2. Buy one of those bags at Publix and take it to the liquor store for your bottle. That way the bottle gets home intact, your toes don’t get smashed, and your tires hold air for a while longer.


  3. masteroftheuniverse

    I like to buy wine by the case or a split case. That way I get the box and don’t worry about bags, spilling,etc. I’m strong enough to lift a case of wine as they’re not that heavy. Once brought home, the box goes into recycling.

  4. Fakesister, I only have about 20 of those bags, wonder why that never occurred to me?

  5. You’re not an engineer!

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