My Election Score..The Ones I Lost

This is the 60% of the ten people I voted for who lost. 

U.S. Senate.  Marco Rubio won.  No surprise there.  I voted for Governor Charlie, even though I knew he was going to lose.  It’s really hard to win as an Independent, with no Party money behind you. 

U.S. House of Representatives.  In this case, Nancy Pelosi lost to Republican Steve Southerland, a funeral director from Panama City.  As I previously mentioned, Southerland’s victory will no doubt translate into a big boon for his business, considering the fiscal and social policies of the Republican Party.  It may come as a surprise to you that Nancy Pelosi was running in Florida.  You probably thought she was only running in your state. 

Attorney General.  I voted for the Democrat, Dan Gelber, who had about ten times more experience and was more qualified than the Republican candidate, Pam Bondi.  I think Bondi won because she had REP next to her name and because she vowed to continue the lawsuit begun by her predecessor against the Health Care Reform Act.  The lawsuit charges that the federal government does not have the power to impose a mandate to purchase health insurance on the citizens of Florida.  Good luck with that argument.  There was also a proposed amendment to the State Constitution saying the same thing, in effect, but it was thrown off the ballot by the Florida Supreme Court.  Like I said…good luck. 

CFO.  I voted for the DEM,a long-time State Representative and hometown girl.  The REP won.  As far as I could tell, neither one of them are particularly qualified.  This was the only case in which I could say, when in doubt, vote with the Party. 

I’ve saved the best (worst) for last.  The other races were perhaps disappointing, but not surprising.  These two shocked me. 

County Commissioner At Large.  We have 5 districts in Tallahassee, each of which is represented by a Commissioner, and two at-large positions.  One of the incumbent at-large Commissioners was defeated by a newcomer, who is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a developer from Alabama, and his local developer friends.  This winning guy is a former FSU star football player, an insignificant and short-term NFL player, who isn’t even from Tallahassee, and has never registered to vote.  He held a position with the Bobby Bowden Foundation for Ethical Leadership.  I asked everywhere I knew to ask, what does that mean?  What does he DO?  No one could answer.  I’m still shocked that he won. 

Governor.  Rick Scott won.  This was even more shocking to me than the results of the County Commissioner’s race.  I never expected it.  Granted, it was only by about 1.3% or 72,000 votes, but 72,00 votes is 72,000 votes.  Apparently I really am out of touch with the prevailing mood.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can be convinced to vote against their own best interests with a strategically designed campaign of smears and innuendo and scare tactica—the Karl Rove specialty.    See:  Swiftboating. 

I’ve heard people say that it doesn’t make any difference.  No matter who gets elected, life in your little personal world will continue on, virtually unchanged.  If that’s true, then why do so many of you get hysterical 🙂  In fact it is not true.  It does matter, no matter how boring it may seem to you. 

At the moment, I’m feeling discouraged.  Not because of the politicians who won, but because of the apparent ignorance of the voting public.  People who vote one way or another because of slogans.  This isn’t just ignorant, it’s dangerous. 

All those Libertarians and Tea Partiers, I say to you:  Please try to grasp the part that your freedom comes with responsibility.  It includes the responsibility to insure the freedom of your neighbor, even if you disagree with them.  Why is it that you have to ask adults that question?  Did I mention that I’m discouraged?

7 responses to “My Election Score..The Ones I Lost

  1. I’m glad to see Boyd ousted. I did not vote for him because he supported the financial bailout and lied about a portion of why he supported it.

    I didn’t vote for Southerland; I voted for Berryhill (NPA), who happens to be the wfie of Susie’s and my former boss at DEP. on a TV interview, she called the Florida GOP “corrupt.”

    I knew she wouldn’t win but no way I was voted for Boyd or Southerland. As a first-timer, Southerland will be more vulnerbale in two years than Boyd would be.

    Did you notice that Southerland (And other Republicans) assailed the incumbent Democrat for supporting the financial bailout? Let’s see…Republican candidates assailing Democrats for supporting the Republican-initiated bailout. Slick, real slick.

    (My post this week has a Reagan Republican saying a few unkind words about the bailout.)

  2. Scott was elected because of his strong messaging against Obamacare, and Obama is starting to see you cant force feed the people and be popular.

    “Attorney General. I voted for the Democrat, Dan Gelber, who had about ten times more experience and was more qualified than the Republican candidate, Pam Bondi. I think Bondi won because she had REP next to her name and because she vowed to continue the lawsuit begun by her predecessor against the Health Care Reform Act. ”

    That would make him 200 years old. Bondi has a ton of experience. But you are right about the Health Care Reform Act……working people and retirees in Florida didn’t want that and didn’t want Washington focused on it for 6 months while unemployment hovered above 9 % and folks (that shouldn’t be in homes) were losing them. She also ran a great primary and a mostly clean campaign.

    I voted for Charlie too. Even though he was clearly not going to win and I was hoping for a Senate takeover I couldn’t support Rubio, I think he’s a fraud.

    Oh and I voted against every constitutional amendment as I always do because I think the process is ridiculous when we have a bicameral government .

  3. “At the moment, I’m feeling discouraged. Not because of the politicians who won, but because of the apparent ignorance of the voting public. ”

    Have you seen the commercial about texting where the guy drops his phone in the urinal and retrieves it? The guy next to says…………..really?

    So really?????????????????

    I guess only progressives really understand what to do correctly huh?

  4. You are so polite, much more so than I am — you said “apparent ignorance.” I call it “blatant ignorance.” In a recent discussion with my father-in-law, I said at least the ignorant masses will get what they deserve, it’s just unfortunate the rest of will get what we don’t deserve. He responded by saying the sad thing is that the masses are “too ignorant to even realize they’re getting what they deserve. ” Think we can start an educational campaign that will successfully impact 2012’s election? I’ll help! Got a couple billion dollars to spare?

  5. “Think we can start an educational campaign that will successfully impact 2012′s election? I’ll help! Got a couple billion dollars to spare?”

    lol words spoken from the heart with righteous indignation at the very thought that people disagree with you; of course we must all be ignorant. ….unh excuse me blatantly ignorant and too much so to know the truth. Too funny, just like Obama, yes it’s too bad we are too ignorant to understand our own country.

    The “Dude will not abide!” (in case you don’t know thats a question posed by Maureen Dowd) You can look her up, you would enjoy her I think (if you can understand her.)

  6. You did much better with your winners and losers in North Florida than I did here in Oklahoma. My ONLY win among the candidates I voted for was when I held my nose and voted for “Democrat” Dan Boren for Congress. He’s the guy who ran an ad with him talking from up in a tree in a deer blind, talkin’ ’bout huntin’ and fishin’. At the end he chambers a round in his deer rifle. At least he wasn’t smearing his opponent – who no one ever heard of anyway.

    There were eleven (11!) state questions on the Oklahoma ballot. Perhaps you have read about two of the more notorious ones – “English only” (except for Native American languages – maybe they should have called it “anything but Spanish”), and banning Sharia law from Oklahoma courts. On the latter question, I’m waiting for someone to point out that the same people who want the Ten Commandments on the Capitol grounds….

    Oh never mind..

    Anyway, I was in the minority on ten of the eleven state questions. The eleventh one was a perfectly sensible plan to put 15% (instead of 10%) of “excess” state revenue (the next time we have “excess” revenue) into our “rainy day fund.” It got a whopping 51% of the vote. Whoopie.

  7. Graychin, I’m unclear about “state questions” in OK. If they are approved by the public do they become state law? Does it amend the State Constitution?
    pt…much as I have learned to love you…no. It is not about disrespect for people who disagree with you. Lots of people disagree with me 🙂 It’s about deliberate hijacking of peoples’ ideals. Cynical and in some cases criminal misrepresentation of the differences.
    The election of Rick Scott is an embarassing travesty for Florida and you’ve already said you agree with me there.

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