The Sexual Life of Frogs…and Mike Tyson

Brought to you by the usual sponsor of  Fakename’s Animal Planet.  Speaking of that, the post I did on the Gaboon Viper has been Number One for as long as I can remember.  It’s had hundreds of views, and I’m totally mystified.  I mean, if you really want to know something about them, go find an expert.  This is a blog, for Pete’s sake. 

Now then, back to the sexual life of frogs.  Who knew they had one? 

There is a lot going on in my life now:  work, sick friends, reading, politics, and did I mention work?  So I thought about posting about any of them, but I was distracted by this article posted on Facebook by the Nature Conservancy:  Naturally Endowed Frog Signals Nature’s Resilience

The article discusses something called the Coastal Tailed Frog.  Before I read the article, I looked at the picture at the top and went, What tail?  I don’t see a tail.  Apparently the Nature Conservancy, while it didn’t shy away from the real explanation in the article, was only showing family-friendly pictures.  Because it isn’t a tail, it’s a penis. 

Of course I had to look it up elsewhere, and here’s a picture of one, in a totally humiliating position.

Poor little frog.  As the article further explains, most frogs reproduce by depositing eggs and sperm into the water, like fish, but tailed frogs deposit sperm, um, internally, as the article says.  X-rated frogs. 

So speaking of animals, last night I watched the first episode on Animal Planet of “Taking On Tyson”.  The “Y” in his name is a pigeon taking flight, because it’s about pigeon racing.  I’d been intrigued by the previews, and figured I’d watch a few minutes but I was mesmerized by it.  If you had asked me five minutes before I watched it if I would ever watch an entire hour of anything with Mike Tyson in it, I would have said you must not know me. 

I was fascinated by pigeon racing, which I knew nothing about, but also by Tyson.  He appears to be trying to transform himself and there were moments of great poignancy.  I think the most poignant was when he speaks of his first boxing coach, who was his hero.  This guy kept telling him he was the greatest, he was superior, he was the best there ever was, and Tyson says, “He did me a disservice”.  At twelve years old, he couldn’t read or write.  He needed and wanted to believe there was something he was the best at. 

Still, you can see flashes of the “old” Mike Tyson.  He rides around with an entourage in what looks like an Escalade.  He’s impatient because his pigeons aren’t fast enough, soon enough.  At the end, he is starting to berate his team.  “I want to win!” he says, when his pigeons perform poorly on their first outing. 

We shall see about Tyson. I can’t help but hope that he finds peace and redemption, and I don’t mean in the next imaginary life. Animal Planet says it better than I do.  I can’t help but have some pangs of sympathy for a guy who says, “The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon”.  Probably because he thought the first thing who ever loved him was a pigeon.  How sad is that?


4 responses to “The Sexual Life of Frogs…and Mike Tyson

  1. Damn, that the best photo you could find? Did you shrink it? (The photo, not the penis…lol!) Even with my magnifying glass, I could barely make it out. I wonder if frog penis is a culinary delicacy…..Can you imagine the outcry if all these frogs were mutilated for that appendage?

    I saw those previews about Tyson too, but I’m too fascinated with the shows like Fatal Attractions….

  2. Hey, it isn’t my fault that you can barely find the frog penis 🙂 Blame the frog, not the messenger.

  3. Mike Tyson! In most cases I respect talent and could care less about personal flaws. However I make exceptions when it comes to folks that abuse others, I have no stomach for it and subscribe to an eye for an eye justice. Tyson is one of a handful of celebrities that I shun. Don’t care what his latest gig is. He has not yet been appropriately dealt with by humanity.

    He can try to be Marlon Brando all he wants but it’s just a cruel barb to his victims.

    Nothing personal towards you, it’s just “me being me.”

  4. No offense taken pt. I’m uncomfortable with it myself, just as I am with Michael Vick, and I’m suspicious. However repulsed I may be though, I think there has to be some room for redemption and forgiveness, and how else will we know he deserves it until we get a glimpse of his present behavior? And his thinking? But there are limits.
    In the trial of Gary Michael Hilton, they dragged out the “his mother was an alcoholic and didn’t love him” mantra, but that was different.

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