Cat Hating

I’m completely opposed to it.  I’m okay with cat avoidance, as long as you’re allergic.  Cats seem to have a unique ability to be allergenic.  Even my sister, who is wildly allergic to them, has the ability to admire them from a distance.  I’ve made the acquaintance of more than one barn cat she has to encounter. 

The second most popular reason for cat hatred is that they kill wildlife.  And this is true.  Just today, my cat killed a lizard. (It must be spring.) It still mystifies me as to how she could catch one, since she is slow, old, and fat.  My previous cat killed lots of wildlife, although not very well.  Mostly he was good at catching wildlife.  If something died, it was kind of accidental.  He caught birds on two occasions, lots of lizards and shrews, small snakes, and two moles (that I know of), and once, a baby rabbit.  As much as I hate killing wildlife, you have to be realistic.  There are more moles where those came from. (And how in the hell does a cat catch a mole?  Don’t moles live underground?) There is a sense in which this is The Circle of Life, a la the Lion King. 

But if you hate cats because you think they’re stupid, untrainable, and aloof…well.  I know people who think that cats only like you as long as you feed them.  I’d say, stop feeding your dog for a day or two and see what happens.  Loyalty is a two-way street. 

Insofar as I understand the word at all, I’d say my cat “loves” me.  She follows me around like a…okay, like a puppy 🙂  If I lie down, no matter where it is, she has to be there.  She molds herself to me and purrs until I say, Shut up already! I can’t sleep! 

Cats are in fact quite capable of devotion, and of recognizing who their friends and foes are.  My dogs are her friends and protectors. The next door neighbor’s dogs are another story.  Unlike my other cat however, Stormy will not bring me gifts.  She eats them first.


9 responses to “Cat Hating

  1. Is it better to have gifts barfed up, semidigested, or set free in the house, while still living?

    Today’s dog gift – a mostly dead tick, found while brushing said dog. At least the mostly dead part implies that the flea-and-tick goo is working.

    Cats are not stupid. Horses though … Case in point, I asked a tall person to open the windows in my horses’ stalls yesterday ’cause it was so stuffy and hot. Hoover had a complete meltdown every time a pane moved (the walls are alive!) while Spot never so much as blinked. Spot has a lot more experience to draw upon but I still think that Hoover’s deck is missing more cards.

  2. Now that is a hard question to answer, fakesister. I think I’ll go with…set free in the house. Poor Hoover! That’s as good as Abigail and the vampire geese.

  3. This column is CRAP…I have cats (4) and they MAY kill a lizard…only if I can’t catch them and release it…but birds, baby rabbits…there MAY be more moles, but the snakes, birds and rabbits…I’m not so sure how much longer you will be able to say that…we people are taking over THEIR habitat…don’t let him keep killing…it’s awful and WRONG…it’s not the cat’s fault it’s YOURS…you need to be a better cat owner and get him a bell or keep him in…PLEASE be a responsible owner!!!!

  4. lucytoo…I’m sorry that I’ve upset you. I should mention that the baby rabbit lived, as did one of the two birds, one of the two moles, and both of the snakes, and most of the lizards, because like you, if I can catch them at it, I will take the prey away from them and save it. None of the shrews lived. It distresses me when they kill something. However.
    I presume when you say that we are taking over their habitat, you mean the birds, the moles, the snakes, and the rabbits. What about the cat’s habitat? Because if it weren’t for us, the cats would be doing a lot more killing. I know there are people who think it’s wrong, but I will not keep my cat inside nor will I get her a bell, which would annoy me too greatly.
    I mentioned barn cats earlier…I’ve never heard of a horse barn without cats. Because they kill rodents. I can’t really get excited about the death of rats and mice, or even lizards, which I like a lot better. It’s sort of the way the world works. The whole PC thing about cats does not work for me.

  5. > they kill wildlife.

    It’s nature’s way…

  6. It certainly is, spencercourt. Oddly enough, I don’t feel responsible for the behavior or instincts of domesticated cats. Maybe if I had been there thousands of years ago, I would have said “Bad cat. Leave that (insert name of small prey animal) alone”. Obviously there are different schools of thought on the proper way to supervise a cat. The very word “supervise” just cracks me up. Especially in the same sentence as “cat”. I can summarize my view this way: if you don’t want an animal that kills, why get a cat? And why take a cat and try to make it into an un-cat? Get a gerbil.

  7. Or an iguana, or a parrot, or…a horse. But don’t get a dog. They kill things.

  8. So do horses – those big feet are very damaging to rats. But only slow-moving, stupid rats.

    One of mine picked a cat up by the tail. The cat was Not Happy.

    The same one had a groundhog living in his stall with him for a while, in perfect safety.

  9. Good point, Fakesister. Certainly horses are capable of killing things (mostly, each other, or in self-defense), but they don’t do it for food. Now that I think about it, iguanas are like horses in that regard. In South Florida, the feral male iguanas there regularly tried to kill each other. I never saw that actually happen but I witnessed a lot of fights. Mostly they involved a lot of screaming and posturing and mutual attempts at tail-whacking. So if you’re going to keep an iguana, and it’s a male, make sure you only have one. Kind of like betta fish.

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