March Madness

I just can’t tell you how low on the totem pole sports figures into my world view.  However, because I live in Tallahassee, I’m required by law to care about whether or not Florida State wins or loses.  I’m just kidding about that “required by law” thing.  But from a social standpoint, it’s good to at least ACT like you care.  So I do. 

I’m pretty sure that my indifference is perfectly obvious.  On the other hand, I do follow them, so I guess I get a pass many times for not being passionate about it.

That said, I tried to find the game between FSU and VCU on TV last night and could not, and this morning I was glad I didn’t.  VCU 72, FSU 71?  Oh No!  I hated that!  I was glad I didn’t see it.  That may be why I hate sports.  I can’t bear the dashing of hopes part. 

May the best man/team win.  In sports, that simply does not happen. There is just a moment in time where it’s over.  Regardless of who is best, the buzzer has sounded.  Who deserves it and who doesn’t is immaterial.  Maybe in life too.  Maybe it’s luck.  In a fair world, FSU should have won.  But to trot out a cliche, life is not fair.  Maybe that is the attraction for some people. 

I don’t need that vicarious sitting-on-the-edge of my seat feeling.  My real life feels that way already. It’s scary and disapponting enough without help.


10 responses to “March Madness

  1. Perhaps because I was on my high school basketball and tack teams I do not enjoy watching sports. Watching and playing sports are not even in the same universe, any more than being a gourmet chef and eating the cook’s food are.

    While I’m sure some folks just watch sports and enjoy the “competition”, too many fans become armchair coaches. If these folks know so much, why aren’t they making the big bucks as a professional coach?

    Perhaps it’s the anarchist in me, but I cannot identify with any sports team other than the teams i actually played on. I went to UF and don’t follow the Gators and even after over 25 years in Tallahicky I care even less about FSU.

    Now I do watch poker, but I have never second guessed what a player did in a hand. Because I’m nowhere near their level.

  2. As I may have mentioned before, I played basketball myself in junior high. Then everyone around me got taller and I stayed short. Goodbye, basketball. Then I developed a love of volleyball. And my piano teacher said, Stop this! You are killing your hands! But did I listen? Of course not! So I started playing volleyball in college too, and it finally dawned on me that the same thing was happening as had happened to me in basketball. I was short. And the opposing team could not wait for me to come to the front line after the rotation. They would deliberately spike the ball right into my face to try to take me out. And they were very successful I’m still amazed that my nose was never broken, but I was seriously injured repeatedly. So then I had to ask…why am I here lol.

  3. So then I tried to take up more “solitary” sports like tennis and golf. I wasn’t much good at either one, but of the two, I really actually liked tennis. Golf is boring to play, boring to watch, boring in general. Probably why I got a “C” in the class. One of the very few I got. And I’m pretty sure I got that “C” because of my attitude, rather than my skill or lack of it.

  4. Sports have been a major part of my life as a player, coach and fan. Baseball was my first love, then football and basketball. Also played a lot of tennis. Now in retirement I can watch whatever I want and I have just as much enthusiasm as always. SPorts kept me out of jail as a youth and gave me coaching guidance on how to be a man, which I desperately needed without a father.

    FSU sports is a burning passion and I almost feel sorry for those who don’t enjoy it cause it creates a bonding with a group of like minded folks who all come together to watch and cheer. But different strokes………

    Some of my fondest memories come from sports, but I am not one who obsesses about the glory days. I enjoy the moment and anticipate the future. Kinda like repeated trips to Vegas I guess, it’s the same place but offers a different experience each time.

    We used to play “touch” football on Stanley Marshall’s lawn across Tennessee Street from Kellum while he stood and watched. Played softball on fields that were where the student center is now and tennis on GRASS courts behind Montgomery Gym. FSU sports is like breathing to me.

    Now as to your comments about who wins, my experience has taught me that the team with the best players usually wins. It’s never one bad play or one bad call or bad break that causes a win or loss but the entire game. VCU had a faster team than us and we played them into an overtime 1 point loss .
    It was a great football and basketball year to be a Nole. Next year is gonna be better for both programs. You haven’t been in Tallahassee yet to experience the manic fever that grips the town when things get really serious. Like a National Championship. Just wait:)

  5. Funny that mention getting a C in golf because of attitude. I got a c in badminton because of the same thing. I was good and knew it, so good I beat the instructor and then smarted off and cut classes. I was the best player in the group and scored a 99 on the written test but he gave me a c anyway. I deserved it!

  6. Oh pt, I fully expected you to weigh in on this and I am so glad you did. I’ve been in Tallahassee for going on 11 years now, but you’re right, I haven’t seen a championship season. Nevertheless, you can actually FEEL the difference when the ‘Noles are winning, versus when they are losing. It’s weird…like a subtle shift in the weather that affects the whole city.
    I especially appreciate your analysis of the VCU/FSU game. There was a sports announcer here named Preston Scott that I used to love to watch (don’t tell anyone). He went from TV to radio…not sure he’s even there any more…but he would do commentary that was very thoughtful and more or less on the theme of “sports is a metaphor for life”. Which it is, in many, many ways.
    Now then, badminton…I played that too in college and loved it. It was like volleyball, except a lot less dangerous to my face.

  7. > that the team with the best players usually wins

    I’d agree with that with two exceptions:

    1. On any day, any team can beat a “better” team because on that day, for whatever reason, the “better” team isn’t.

    2. The Gators are notorious for choking. I didn’t see the game, but heard they choked against Butler.

  8. 1. On any day, any team can beat a “better” team because on that day, for whatever reason, the “better” team isn’t.

    that’ why I said usually

    Butler is a very good team and deserved the win

  9. Back to the issue of getting a C because of attitude. Our experiences were entirely different pt…what I meant was that I got a C because I had a GOOD attitude. I never missed a class, I even went to the driving range and practiced between classes. I loved being outdoors and the beauty of the courses and the camraderie with my teammates. The problem was, I just couldn’t do it 🙂 So if the instructor hadn’t been kind, I would have gotten (and deserved) an F.

  10. And back to VCU…I felt a lot better about FSU losing when VCU beat Kansas. And you think I’m not keeping up 🙂

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