Okay, I’m Good (Maybe), But This is Ridiculous

Every week I’m amazed afresh by the fact that my most popular post ever is one I did in October of 2010 about the Gaboon viper.  Honestly, it really wasn’t that great.  I have no idea why it’s attracted so much attention.  It would be interesting to see how many all-time views that particular post has had, but I don’t know how to find that out. 

I do know this…this past Thursday, it attracted 315 views, the most I’ve ever had in one day, and it made this week the the highest viewed week I’ve ever had, since I began in August 2008.  Why?  I wish I knew; then I would bottle it. 

Or maybe not.  I enjoy my little secret garden of a blog. 

I was also noticing today that the tagline on the blog, if that’s what it’s called, is “Politics,  Animals, Food and Books…and the occasional insect”.  It’s been quite a while since I posted anything about politics, not that there isn’t sufficient provocation at the moment.  But give me a while.  I think I’ll feel more inclined when it’s election season. 

Mostly I seem to be sticking to books and food.  I’m even neglecting animals and insects.  And this week I missed a golden opportunity.  Last weekend I was bitten by a tiny little insignificant jumping spider, and had one hell of a week being sick as the proverbial dog.  The good thing that came out of it is that I now have a fresh Epipen.  As I keep saying, I love Nature.  She just doesn’t seem to love me back.  And now we are at war.


9 responses to “Okay, I’m Good (Maybe), But This is Ridiculous

  1. I was killing Huntsman spiders left and right a couple of weeks ago. Had an infestation and I don’t know why as I don’t have any palmetto bugs. Those damn Huntsman spiders really go after you if you miss them the first time, Luckily, I haven’t gotten bitten by one. Did you have to jab yourself with your epipen? I need to get a new one as mine is a year out of code:)

  2. Ma Nature is after me too! I stepped back from filling a bird feeder and tripped over a stump, ker-thump! At least it’s really padded there from all the sunflower seed hulls.

    My knee and back are none too happy, regardless.

  3. Fakesister, Usually it’s only insects that are after me, with trees coming in a close second. But live ones, not stumps 🙂
    No, Jeff…wouldn’t have even been able to find the long expired Epipen if I tried. But I wouldn’t have used it even if I’d had it. I didn’t have any trouble breathing or any of the other symptoms of anaphylactic shock. But it reminded me that I could have, and now I’m armed.

  4. I’ve never seen a Huntsman spider–I had to look them up. Too far north for them here.
    I’m glad you weren’t bitten. The teensy little Daring Jumping Spider that bit me was not supposed to be that toxic. Except it was. At least to me.

  5. Those Huntsman spiders get as big as your hand. Kind of scary looking, and all the pictures on the internet just don’t do it justice. A really nice looking spider, except that if they cross the threshold and come into my house, they need to die.

  6. So, Fakename, you’re to blame for that branch at Chez Pierre?

    I do agree with Jeff, insects and arachnids of any kind that cross the threshold into my house need to die. Unfortunately, actively killing them with a shoe, your hand, or a rolled up magazine causes the beloved dog great distress. Even if you are stealthy about it.

    Somehow she divines the lethal intent because if there’s no actual target involved, the self-same motion of shoe, hand, or magazine will barely cause an ear twitch. No matter how violent the motions involved.

  7. Did you notice whether the search terms used to find you had certain key words in the post? “Lychee” is getting me nothing these days… But there’s still some flagging interest in “Guatemalan porn.”

  8. Lol Fakesister, the branch probably WAS my fault 🙂 To let everyone in on the joke, one evening Fakesister and her husband I were having a leisurely dinner on the veranda of Chez Pierre (back when Chez Pierre used to be worth going to) when without warning, a simply gigantic limb from the live oak in front cracked off. When it fell it barely missed the railing of the veranda, right where we were sitting. The waitress rushed over to see if we were okay. We said yes, but I think we needed CPR.
    spencercourt, the main search term is simply “gaboon viper”.

  9. In the way of dogs, ours has proven me a liar or at least unobservant. When I grabbed a shoe to kill a spider this evening, she retreated under the recliner. When later I whacked the floor with a shoe, no spider involved, she retreated once again. C’est la vie!

    As far as CPR after that branch fell at Chez Pierre, I’m pretty sure that new underwear was indicated at the very least!

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