Blogging Absenteeism

Nice to see you again. It’s been a while.
One of the things that’s been happening involves Facebook. Facebook is notorious for fixing what ain’t broke, and this week they forced a change to their “Groups” format. Without going into all the ins and outs of how Facebook works, here’s the bottom line: You can create a Group on Facebook. A small number of my friends and I created a book club. It’s been working beautifully for a year. The best thing about it was there was an area called “Discussions”, as opposed to the regular communication posts. You could start a topic, which we used to isolate whatever particular book we were reading that month.
So when Facebook “reorganized”, they eliminated “Discussions”. That was the whole focus of the group, really.
We tried to figure out how we could make it work, but everyone was unhappy. So I (foolishly) suggested we create a blog for our book club. We could isolate our topics (one post=one book)and we could still preserve our privacy to whatever extent we wished.
So to make this long story shorter, I’ve been creating a blog on WordPress for the book club. If this process were videoed, it would look like Laurel and Hardy’s “Who’s On First?”
It’s been almost exactly three years since this blog was created, and that didn’t happen without extreme, extreme coaching by spencercourt. (Thank you, spencercourt! I owe you!)
So now I was going to try to start a new one? There is soooo much I had forgotten. Plus I was going to try to create one where there are multiple contributors, (we’re very egalitarian in our book club), and I had no idea how to do that.
I find that WordPress is very clear about its instructions. It does not assume that you understand a damn thing, and avoids computer speak. I find this refreshing. Still, there is a fair amount of slogging through stuff that has to occur.
Plus there are varying levels of comfort amoung the few members regarding security and the Internet in general.
But nevertheless, success at last! It needs work, but it’s going!
By the way, our book club book for August is Nevil Shute’s “A Town Like Alice”.


9 responses to “Blogging Absenteeism

  1. Google+ would be great for your group as you can create custom groups and have great discussions. Google+ will end up blowing up Facebook as soon as it gets traction….It’s so simple, and easy to control privacy. Just can’t wait until more people get over there.

  2. Jeff, you’re the third person to mention Google+ to me and they both like it too. It’s about time Facebook had some competition. Up to now, none of the arbitrary changes Facebook has made have really affected me, but this one was a major misstep on their part.
    I picture these bored guys sitting around at their computer terminals, asking, How can I shake things up today? You know what it reminds me of? Enron. Remember those tapes of Enron guys sitting around saying, “I think I’ll make San Diego go dark today”.

  3. > extreme coaching by spencercourt.

    Really? All I remember is working on your custom image header so it’d fit. And maybe a few pointers. But, you’re weclome!

    Two blogs now….wow!

    (I see WP is screwing up your paragraph separations too. I “see” the extra line in “edit” mode but it seems to be removed in the final version. So it’s not me doing it wrong, since we use the same theme. If WP doesn’t fix this, I may need a new theme.)

  4. sc. I don’t think it’s WP. I noticed that while I was writing, and I think it was because I was running out of memory. I just did a new post and it looks “right”.

  5. would look like Laurel and Hardy’s “Who’s On First?”

    Ahem………..that would be Abbott and Costello

  6. OOps! Sorry about that 🙂 Thanks for the correction. I am very not good with Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and the Three Stooges. And you can throw W.C. Fields in there.

  7. Who’s on first is “part” of baseball is why it jumped out at me.

    I read Shute’s On The Beach as a teen and it really depressed me about the future of man. I think I read Alas Babylon about the same time and had nuclear nightmares for a long time afterward. Perhaps both of those books had an impact on nuclear restraint, I think only criminal minds could ignore the frightening certainty of apocalypse if the button were pushed.

    I hope your book club works to your liking. I am too much of a rogue to belong to a group but I am making up for lost years of non reading while I was child rearing.

  8. I read On The Beach about that same time in my life, I think, and it shocked me. I was sure until it was over that it would turn out okay–that at least these two people would survive. A Town Like Alice is nothing like that.
    I very much like the book club. We read one book a month, and I enjoy the discussions. Plus I hear about and read books I might not otherwise have known about or chosen. Plus it isn’t like you’re forced to read them. One month the selection was A Prayer For Owen Meany, and I totally refused to read it because I had tried before and hated it. And then, of course, I’m reading tons of books in between.

  9. Also, sc, I realize it’s two blogs, but I’m not doing any more than before. I was just doing the book club thing in a different place 🙂

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