I have been a “member” of LinkedIn for quite some time, due to being invited more than once, but I didn’t take it very seriously. 

But this past week,I learned it’s now the second most popular “social networking” website after Facebook.  What?  I’m guessing MySpace is a dead duck.  Not that I ever went there. 

So I decided to quit being lame, and posted a photo on my profile…and speaking of lame, they wouldn”t let me post the first one I tried.  The file was too big.  Hello? 

I also tried to join a group…”Parking Professionals”, and they are thinking about it 🙂  Approval Pending. 

All I can say is that if this is the Number Two social networking website, then social netorking is in a heap of trouble.


One response to “LinkedIn

  1. I’ve declined my share of LinkedIn invites because I’m on the way out of the working world. Besides, I can’t keep up with two sites; I’m barely able to get onto FB twice a week.

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