The Year of the Rabbit

In case you missed it, we have now concluded the Year of The Rabbit, and we are now into the Year of the Dragon, effective January 23rd.  I’m gonna miss the Rabbit, and it will be 12 more years until we get to see him (or her) again.  At least I would have missed the Rabbit if I’d known it was his (or her) year.

Rabbits have excellent qualities.  They are “gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, and flexible”.  We won’t mention the bad qualities of the rabbit. Dragons are not nearly as lovable.

I decided I would look up what year I was born in, and discovered it was the Year of the Ox.  I was highly disappointed by this, as I would have preferred to wait another 3 weeks so that I could be born in the Year of the Tiger, but nobody asked my opinion.  I have many more tiger qualities than ox qualities, so I conclude that either I was born too soon, or the Chinese calendar is wrong.  But since the Chinese calendar has been around for a couple of thousand years, and I’ve been around somewhat less than that, it must be my mother’s fault.  Of course the third possibilty is that this is all bullshit, kind of like Christianity.  I’d say the greatest mystery of all time is:  Why do people have such a need to ascribe power to entities or factors beyond their control?  I don’t know, and I never will.   But the need is there, and my study of anthropology and philosophy in college taught me that the need is universal.  What I think separates me is that I’ve learned to live with mystery.  I don’t have to explain everything, and even if I wanted to I couldn’t, so what would be the point?

The Christians I know (and have read) struggle awfully with the essential question:  if God is omnipotent, why did he create evil?  Yesterday, I actually heard the best answer I’ve ever heard.  God is trying to teach me something.  I just don’t know what it is.   I respect that answer quite a lot.

I looked up what year Fakesister was born too, and it turns out it was The Year of the Horse.  (Cue the theme from the Twilight Zone.)  For more than you ever wanted to know about this subject, and to find out what “year” you were born in, go here:




5 responses to “The Year of the Rabbit

  1. Now we know where the horse-crazy part came from!

  2. > Rabbits have excellent qualities
    I was born in the year of the Rabbit.

    > Why do people have such a need to ascribe power to entities or
    > factors beyond their control?
    So they can escape responsibility for their lives. I have no such need, and many others do not either. So I do not believe it is a universal need.

    As for “God”, here is the philosophical rebuttal:

    Does any religion teach that God is anything less than perfect? So why would a perfect being allow any sort of imperfection? Imperfection is a sign of not being perfect. Since imperfection is all over this world, there cannot be a perfect being. (Nor would we need to be taught anything if we were created perfect.)

    God is based on fear. As knowledge expands and explains what was unexplainable, the concept of God will join the past along with other
    other concepts thought, for millennia, to be obviously true: slavery, monarchy, etc.

    When “first contact” is made, the religions will scramble to cover themselves.

  3. “Need” is probably the wrong word. It’s more of a universal fact that while individuals may not buy into it, there is no human society without religion. Although Buddhism comes pretty close.

  4. > there is no human society without religion.

    Yes, but it is increasingly becoming a vestige, just like certain parts of the body. Many folks go to church more for social, professional and other non-religious reasons.

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