Weasel People

I have to admit this doesn’t happen often, that my feelings are hurt.  Mostly, I’m too old for it.  But twice in a month’s time I’ve been feeling defeated and dispirited.  (I know, I know, Poor Me.)

The most recent example is probably just because of a weasel, and there isn’t anything I can do about weasels.  Weasels will be weasels. It’s their nature.  You are blithely tripping along through the underbrush, when a weasel darts out from under a bush and takes you down by one ankle.  (You gotta have both ankles to keep blithely tripping through the underbrush.)

Weasel People think they are smart and canny–for sure WAY smarter and cannier than you are.  And they always have better connections than you do.  So they think.  So in their minds, they are thinking “I’ll have your job!”  Um, not so fast, Weasel Person.

In my work, I have more contact with The Public than anyone I know.  That being the case, I get more than my share of crazies.  Most of the time though, it isn’t that difficult. As a manager you need to be able to tell the difference between one of them and a person who has a legitimate complaint, or even one who just had a bad day.  Honestly, I’m good at this.

Imagine my surprise when my client told me that his boss told him I should learn how to talk to people, because I had been rude to someone.  They still haven’t given me many details, but I was in shock about who it was.

I said, I’m perfectly capable of being rude, but not in this case.  So instead of telling me I’ve offended hin somehow, he just jumps about four steps ahead and tells someone else much more powerful than me.  Ergo:  Weasel Person. They are cowards.

Weasels themselves are pretty cool.  As I said, it’s their nature to be weasels.  Weasel People have to work at it.

2 responses to “Weasel People

  1. > client told me that his boss told me I should learn how to talk to
    > people

    I’m confused; should that be “his boss told him…”?

    Patience grasshopper; await the moment to decapitate the weasel long after he has forgotten the incident… Then savor the satisfaction of vengeance delivered not in the heat of the moment, but with a cold heart.

  2. Yes…thanks. I fixed it 🙂 Sort of a heat of the moment thing, when reason and grammar fly out the proverbial window. And in this case, I’m not sure it’s the Weasel himself I need to decapitate. For the most part, he seems to do a fine job of it on his own. It’s the person who listened to him who needs decapitation. But he too, will be a victim of karma, I figure, because if you’re that stupid..tben I don’t really have to do anything but watch.

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