Today’s Rant: Modern Packaging

The occasion is that today it dawned on me that the pharmacy is now giving me the two medications I get (that come in pill bottles) without childproof caps.  I don’t know whether to be happy or offended.  Offended, because I figure they have now decided I’m too old to have children in the home, and that at my age, I may have trouble opening a childproof cap.  Okay, the first is true, but I’ll have you know I can still open a childproof cap with the best of them.  Including children.  Since children at the age of five can open Google and hack your email, I figure a childproof cap is no challenge at all.  And don’t get me started on the OTC things like bottles of Ibuprofen where you have to match the arrow on the cap to the little projection on the bottle.  Whose idea was that anyway?  Grr.

Let’s now talk about tape.  At work, I get a lot of deliveries from UPS, which come in boxes that would put the security of Fort Knox to shame.  Sometimes I think, it would be nice to know what’s in this box, but apparently I’m going to have to Xray it to find out.  Because I’m certainly not going to be able to open it.  The fact is that in order to open the box, you have to have a tool, namely a carpet knife, to cut the tape.  What is wrong with this picture?

Having to have tools to open a package leads me to my coup de grace–that hard plastic molded stuff that surrounds (fill in name of product here).  Never try to buy, for example, a tiny little flash drive for your computer.  It will come in a package 100 times its size and be surrounded by cardboard and hard plastic.  The package will cost more than the item.

I once read that this style of packaging was developed to discourage shoplifting of small items.  Okay, I get that.  But this stuff is the bane of my existence.    So you have to have a tool, and here’s one from

Can shoplifters outfitted with Zibra Universal Package openers be far behind?

3 responses to “Today’s Rant: Modern Packaging

  1. I get furious with packaging too! Some of the worst are kids toys where every little part is held in with metal twisty things that have to be undone, and if it’s a Barbie then her hair is sewn on to the card backing. But even some quite basic food items are really hard to get into. I often wonder how very old people manage. Apparently there are large numbers of emergency room visits every year due to injuries sustained while trying to get into packaging. I’m not surprised.

  2. “Some of the worst are kids toys”

    It is particularly bad at Birthday Parties and Christmas when multiple kid gifts abound. I have used and witnessed different opening tools like the one you linked to FN and they are better than nothing but it’s still a bitch when there are dozens to be opened. I think all personal injury attorneys should have to do pro bono work on Christmas morning so that they can at least suffer the same frustration that they cause by lobbying for (and suing against) ridiculous safety regulations.

  3. Vanessa, I know just what you mean about the little metal twisty things! And have you noticed that you alwas twist them in the wrong direction first? Lol, pt. I’m not sure safety has anything to do with it, except in the case of pill bottles. Except that Zibra tool looks exceedingly dangerous to me.

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