Baby Rottweilers–I Want One

This is the new puppy (“Sage”) of a friend of a friend on Facebook.  Like all puppies her age (my guess is that she is about 10 weeks old, because before that, they can’t sit) she is as cute as…a basket of baby possums.

And just like baby possums, baby Rottweilers grow up.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  Adult Rottweilers have many things to recommend them as well.  I’m not sure about adult possums.  Even as babies, they have tiny little sharp teeth and are quite vicious!

EVENTUALLY, adult Rottweilers become very loyal and obedient.  Note the emphasis on “eventually”.  They are very protective, almost too much so.

At slightly younger than this puppy is, they are big balls of fuzzy fur.  They look like miniature black bears with tan bow ties on their throats and tan feet. They are clumsy in a cute way.

It’s the years between cute and Eventually that are the biggest problem. But grown-up Rottweilers pose other problems.  Even knowing that, I want one.

That doesn’t mean I’ll act on it, but it doesn’t mean I won’t…eventually.  I’ve thought for some time about the issue.  When I had my Rottweiler Hansel, I drove all over the place with him as company.  I would stop at these little gas station/grocery stores in Redneck City, Florida or Georgia, and the first thing I would do is let Hansel out for a walk. Then I would put him back in the car, and leave the window open enough for him to get out if he chose.  And I knew Hansel would stay unless something alarmed him.  The car was his Territory.  Violate that boundary at your own risk.  I think it worked.  All the lurkers (and there are many in the places I’m referring to) would think twice.

These days, I am seeing through the end of life of an almost 13-year old Doberman.  It’s painful.  Even in his heyday, he was never very scary, although some people still think he is.  I get nostalgic for the days of having a vigorous and truly scary big dog.

As I get older, I worry about being weaker than I used to be, and I don’t feel as safe.  Alarms are, in my opinion, useless, and having a gun is not an option for me.  Or it is, but I reject it.  Big scary dogs have one disadvantage, in that an intruder can shoot them.  But with a dog like Hansel was, I’m pretty sure that even if you shot him, it might not be enough to keep him from eating your face off before he died.  Unless you got lucky and shot him in the heart with the first shot.

Okay, enough of that scary stuff.  Here’s another picture of Sage, doing what puppies do best.

2 responses to “Baby Rottweilers–I Want One

  1. > having a gun is not an option for me.

    For a very reasonable price, and much much cheaper than a gun, you can buy a BIG and very sharp samurai sword that’ll scare the poop out of anyone when you brandish it. (Study Kill Bill for some moves to show ’em you mean business!)

  2. LOL… I enjoyed this post. I hope that you get one. I have a friend that breeds them and if and when you decide that you want one, let me know! Peace!

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