Old Dogs and Old Cats

Through the process of attrition, I am down to two dogs and one cat.

One of the dogs and the cat are the same age (11) and the other dog is almost 13.

Dogs are pretty predictable, and get more so as they age.  Cats, on the other hand, are much better at torture.

Case in point:  a couple of months ago, I sprained my left knee. It’s much, much better, but it still hurts.  My knee feels unstable, and there is a patch of numbness on  my thigh which will just not go away.

So where does the cat want to lie down? On that leg, of course.  Apparently, I’m magnetized.

Like all cats, Stormy is a champion sleeper.  But why is it in the one and only place I don’t want her to be?  It’s like a lesson in humility.


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