Reading and Technology (This Means You, Kindle)

Now you can hardly find a stauncher fan of Kindle (pause:  I had to look up “stauncher”.  It’s what I really meant, but was it really a word?  Fortunately, yes, since I would have to flounder quite a bit to find some word or combination of words that would express what I meant.)  We now resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Here’s the problem.  For your best Kindling experience, you need Wifi.  Preferably very fast Wifi which does not blip on and off.  At home, I don’t even have the blipping kind.  No Wifi, of any description.  So.  It is possible to get a book onto your Kindle by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable, not included with a Kindle Fire, but only $9.99 brand new, plus shipping, unless you’re an Amazon Prime customer, in which case for only about $65 per year they will waive that $3.99 shipping fee.  Are you getting my drift?

But I have the USB cable.  It’s just that I forgot how to use it.  You’d think it would be simple.  Amazon recognizes that your Kindle is connected to your PC and sends your book there.  I realize that that’s actually a dream I’m having, because even I know that isn’t really possible.  (But it should be.)  And I need simple.  I want to push a button, go Ding!, and poof!  There it is.

Here’s my favorite thing:  You look up a book, any book, on Amazon, and it says “Start reading Mary Had A Little Lamb in under a minute on your Kindle!”  Well, don’t hold your breath.  It IS possible, and sometimes happens, but only with Wifi.  Otherwise, you will have raised several children and retired from your day job before ever finding out what color the lamb’s fleece is.

I’m quite serious.  It takes about six steps to get the book onto your Kindle, if not more.

While I was waiting, I decided to check to see if the book I bought today had made it to my Kindle for PC (Free!  As in, totally free, from Amazon.  Which I think is very smart of Amazon.)  And so, What Kindle for PC was I thinking of?  It would not open.  I still had an icon, but the actual program had somehow disappeared itself.

Back to Amazon.  I re-downloaded Kindle for PC.  By the time I went back and forth like 50 times to Amazon, I could have climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty.  Well, figuratively speaking.

By the time I was done with that, the book appeared in Kindle for PC.  And then I had to start on the six steps to get it onto the Kindle.

The whole point was that I was hell-bent (pause:  Is that a word?  And if it is, does it have to have an apostrophe?) on getting this book my sister recommended TODAY!  Not later, when I have access to Wifi.

The book is Rabid:  A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus.  Only now I’m too exhausted to read it.  But tomorrow is another day.

9 responses to “Reading and Technology (This Means You, Kindle)

  1. An apostrophe in hell-bent? A space, maybe; a hyphen, maybe; maybe it’s all one word!

    “Rabid” is good – enjoy.

  2. Sigh, I meant hyphen 🙂 And it does have a hyphen, it is not all one word. I am quite sure I’ll enjoy Rabid. It’s funny…I try so hard, but I’d guess that you only like about 30% of the books I recommend to you, although you do bravely soldier on and try to read them anyway. I like about 99% of those you recommend to me. I’m sure that says something, I just don’t know what.

  3. And while we’re on the topic of recommending things, does recommend have one c or two? Two c’s and one m, or the other way around? And how about the word occur? Does it have two c’s and one r? How about the word occurring? Hint: I’m right. But it doesn’t look right, does it? English. It will drive you nuts.

  4. We speakers of English dwell in the luxury of borrowing from many languages over the ages. But complexity comes with a price.

  5. As far as that mis-match in recommendation percentages, it probably means you are more eclectic in outlook and expect me to be the same, whereas I’m focused more narrowly. There’s room for both sorts of folk in this world!

    • Indeed you are right, Fakesister. There is room. My interests are scattered all over the place, which may be a nice way of saying “lacks focus”. My blog friend Florida Cat, who is now also my Facebook friend, posted something very funny in the last few days on FB. “They say I have ADD, but I don’t underst…OH LOOK! A CHICKEN!”

  6. I STILL don’t have a Kindle. So I have nothing to helpful to say here. Just sayin’

  7. Doesn’t that new Kindle download over 4G in addition to wifi? My Kindle Touch does, and I download books all the time when not at home.

  8. Jeff, one of the two incarnations of Kindle Touch has 3G. (But they may have upgraded to 4G). One of the two versions of Kindle Keyboard has 3G. So does the Kindle DX (at $379). The other two versions of Touch and Keyboard, as well as the original Kindle and the Kindle Fire only have Wifi.

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