The Republican National Lovefest

I’m not a member of any organized political party–I’m a Democrat.–Will Rogers, 1930.

That’s not exactly what he said, but close enough.  And it rings true.  I’m a card-carrying Democrat, as in, it’s enshrined on my voter registration card.

Sometimes it can be a little embarassing to be a Democrat.  Like when they do shameless pandering, but hey–what can you do?  Be a Republican?  Republicans are shameless panderers too, but they do a better job of it.  At least they’re better at concealment of their motives, whereas Democrats are all kinds of transparent.  They (We) are like little kids who tell a lie with our fingers crossed.  Like nobody can see those crossed fingers and know exactly what it means.

Yesterday, I got an email from Paul Ryan, who wanted me to support him and Mitt Romney in their efforts to be America’s Comeback Team, after four years of failed leadership.  So here is my question.  How did Paul Ryan get my email address?  He got the email address right, but the message begins, “Dear Priscilla…”  Which isn’t my name.  I mean, you have to wonder–if they can’t get that right, can they run a country?  I can see it now.  “Dear President Puffkin, or whatever your name is…”

On Friday, my favorite editorial writer for the Tallahassee Democrat, Paul Flemming, wrote a piece called “Bored in Tampa?  Wanna bet?”  The gist of the article was that just in case you thought there would be no drama left in the Convention, he suggested several issues you could bet on, just to liven things up.  It would make a great drinking game.

Here are a couple of examples.

Name the distance, in miles, of Sarah Palin’s designated seat from the podium.  My guess is, 4,805 miles.  That’s the distance between Tampa and Anchorage.  Your turn.  If you get closer, you win.

More arrests.  Hookers or Occupy protesters?  This is kind of an inside joke, because Tampa is famous for hookers.  Could this be the reason the Republicans chose Tampa, during the most active month of the hurricane season?  My money is solidly on the Occupy protesters, because hookers are smarter than they are.  They manage to get arrested way less often.

I hope Paul Flemming will be going to the Democratic National Lovefest too.

7 responses to “The Republican National Lovefest

  1. “On Friday, my favorite editorial writer for the Tallahassee Democrat, Paul Flemming, wrote a piece called “Bored in Tampa? ”

    Read his column it was pretty funny. Though it did seem like he really didn’t have much to say so he was just freewheeling.

    They chose Tampa because there are significant republican dollars here and because Florida is a vital swing state, with the pivotal voting block of the Florida High Tech Corridor between Tampa /Orlando/Space Coast. We are happy to have them. hookers and all.

    Watched Bob Shieffer this morning on CBS as he tried his damnest to back Rubio into a defensive position about every negative Republican gafe of the last 6 weeks. Rubio mopped the floor with him in a collegial all American second generation immigrant made good style laced with facts and solid positive focus on what is good with America. Shieffer has outlived his ability to shape the narrative, it’s comical.

    The lamestream media are obviously looking for a chance to brand all Republicans with divisive social issues to deflect attention from a strong positive business leader, and equally strong charismatic budget wonk that really want to talk policy and economy instead of the meaningless rhetoric that Obummer is so so good at.

    It is really quite refreshing. No gloom and doom on this side.

  2. Sigh, pt . It’s a wonder we can be friends at all 🙂 I don’t think the media has to do much to draw attention to Republican gaffes. They do quite well on their own, and can’t outrun them. If I watch any of the convention, it will probably be to watch Rubio. Because of his position in the speaker lineup, it’s clear that the Republican Party has big plans for him. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I just need to hear him for myself…although I don’t expect much in the way of independent thought in this setting. Wonder who the Democrats have chosen as the annointed sucessor? If it were Hilary Clinton…speaking of mopping the floor.

  3. Oh and another reason that Tampa was chosen is that we have hosted 4 Super Bowls and received very high marks for them all. Tampa Bay has the Beaches the Urban amenities, and a track record to pull it off. It will be very interesting to see how Charlotte does. They don’t have the Hotel rooms that Tampa Bay does. Their real claim to fame is NASCAR. Now that’s funny. Remember that Romney knows NASCAR (whoops that’s NASCAR team owners). Wonder how Obummer will be received by NASCAR fanatics who just passed a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage.

  4. ” If I watch any of the convention, it will probably be to watch Rubio.”

    lol Don’t be afraid, it’s not contagious.

  5. pt, did anyone ever mention that you’re a cynic?:) You might be surprised about Charlotte.

  6. I actually developed a little more respect for Romney this evening, after watching CBS News. He said the Republican Party’s position on abortion is not his position, and that it didn’t matter because it was an issue for the Courts.

  7. I understand Charlotte pretty well. My daughter’s family lives there now for 6 years. I have been to Charlotte for visits numerous times. Even went to the Nascar hall of fame. Understand that Charlotte is actually a lot like Florida in it’s population make up, everyone is from somewhere else because of rapid growth in the financial services sector.

    However there is a very strong underlying anti federalist culture that survives the moonshine era that spawned NASCAR. It’s kinda like the Crackers Culture in Florida, only less reformed. lol. And they don’t like “revenoorers” which is loosely defined as anyone from the federal government.

    As for Hotel rooms, which is a main sticking point for political conventions, Atlanta has Apx 92,000 Miami Dade 50,000 Tampa Bay 43,000 and Charlotte Metro 30,000. So if you have 50,000 folks looking for rooms in Charlotte you have a problem that undermines being a good host community. Which means many of them will be staying in small (translation Bubba owned) motels in rural areas. I can just here it now lol “Ya’ll heah fur de gummet pahty? Well suh we done run outta rooms. Ya’ll come back now ya heah”

    But all that being said I will watch both conventions with interest. I can’t wait to see how Obummer shapeshifts his image. It’s like watching the movie The Illusionist! Entertainment factor alone is worth the attention.

    It’s really great to be retired.

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