Blog Stuff, and a Fakename Update

Today I’ve had 97 views on a blog post I wrote in October of 2011.  Excuse me? What?  And why? It was a post about a TV program I saw, “Fatal Attractions”.   And one comment on that same post I would have had to approve.  The comment said U should get the whole story before U post this crock.

The commenter said she lived a mile away from the farm where Terry Thompson lived.  Thompson was the guy who released about 50 exotic animals and then killed himself.  She said I portrayed him as a bad guy, but he wasn’t.  First of all, Commenter, you need to take this up with the Animal Planet TV Channel.  I just summarized what the program said.  Second, don’t ever call me U.

I have such a pet peeve about that.  I mean, I don’t care if you’re doing a quick text message (okay, actually I do, but not as much), but in a response to a blog post you can’t spell out “you”?

Meanwhile, peacefully trying to go about my own business, which didn’t require any assistance from Commenter Person, I am much improved. I can walk without assistance in my walking cast.  I’m in less pain and can go longer between doses of pain medication.  I have new challenges, like pain in my foot, and cramps and muscle spasms in my leg, all the way to my hip.  I think because my foot can’t flex, my leg has to take all the punishment, so to speak.

My next appointment is next Tuesday, the 29th.  I am so hoping that I’ll be able to go to a less restrictive confinement of my ankle. That will be exactly one month since the injury. I hope, but you would be amazed at the number of people who’ve shared horror stories with me…three months, six months, and so on.  To an extent, it amuses me.  The same thing happened to them, only it was worse, or they knew someone it happened to, and it was worse.  It’s always worse.    I should be thanking my lucky stars.


4 responses to “Blog Stuff, and a Fakename Update

  1. Google obviously have that post flagged up as a useful source of information about that subject!

    Glad you are healing, hope it improves quickly.

  2. Which stars are the lucky ones? I want to pay special attention to those and leave off the rest!

  3. Fakesister, take the second star to the right, and go straight on ’til morning 🙂

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